“Angels can Herald Beginnings”

20 10 2007

– Colin McCahon

Today was such a nice day! I woke up at 7.15, my muscles being too sore from lack of Magnesium and excessive running to get up at the prescribed time. 

I did the traditional get-dressed-as-fast-as-possible-because-you-idiot!-you-slept-with-the-window-open-and-it’s-COLD. Then came breakfast and the dash out the door to the prayer room. Dennis did Devo (which I love) and Kristi did intercession with Ang and Jess on a team for the first time. They did really well. I know because I didn’t notice them which means that we were all moving in some anointing.

The prayer room was really good this morning. God brought me back to the Garth Brooks song and I just had to weep a little. Then He let me draw for a while and illustrate Psalm 1.1-3, which turned out pretty nifty. Then it was back to Nehemiah.

So, I don’t know about you all, but I definitly have a favorite biblical character. (Jesus doesn’t count. He’s EVERYONE’s favorite. And by that I mean that He counts way more than all the rest.) Mine is Nehemiah. I’ve spent the past week and a half in just the first chapter. I went through and read the whole thing but I’ve been digging into the first chapter of late. And, for those of you who have no idea what it is that I do here, I will copy and paste my study notes at the end of this. See what you think.

During my “elevensies” which are actually “tensies” Anna Lifsey came over and asked if I wanted to come to their house and hang out for a while after the prayer room. I was actually really excited about the idea. I’ve been reading Dalton (her husband’s) blog but I’ve never actually hung out with either of them. I admire them both heaps and was completely stoked. Read the rest of this entry »


The Prophetic

18 10 2007

Today was a hard day, but a day chock full of blessings nevertheless.

For example, I asked God for the grace to wake up at 6 every morning and go running. But last night I set my alarm for 7.15, figuring that ‘I don’t feel too good and should sleep in’. What time did I wake up? 5.55am. Not only that but I actually got out of bed and went for a run!

By the time I got back I’d spent a half an hour arguing with myself about whether or not to stay home from the prayer room. I wasn’t feeling too hot and kind of felt the Lord urging me to stay home. Here is how the conversation went- “God, should I stay home?” You should. “But I have cute hair!” Yeah. You should stay home. Read the rest of this entry »