Day Three: The Great Bread Caper

28 10 2008

Today was really fun. First thing in the morning I drove to Bothell to paint with a dear friend from our church. She has a beautiful house and an entirely seperate building for her art studio. Her studio is lovely and very conducive to painting. I can see that I’m going to have to buy another easel to store over there.

The fun thing about this friend is that she can and will talk about anything under the sun. The topics we covered today included (but were not limited to) politics, abortion, adoption, plastic surgery, family, mutual friends, shopping, church, fashion, my best friend and her wedding, getting married and the possibility of being taxed out of our skivvies should Obama win the election.

It was a really good morning. especially because I painted a present for my best friend’s 22nd birthday while I was there. Read the rest of this entry »



17 02 2008

Last night I had a novel experience. I went to a movie on a Saturday night of opening weekend. Obviously there were other movies playing and not everyone was there to see Jumper, but there were heaps of people there.  Familys, couples, gaggles of teenagers; all doing the same thing on a Saturday night.

I think I need to move.

I had mixed feelings about Jumper and shall elaborate further in the following review.

Good Stuff:
     –Hayden “I’m so pretty” Christensen did much better than I expected. I believed him when he cried and liked the boyish awkwardness that his character never seemed to leave behind.
    -I love Jamie Bell and would gladly pay $10 to see him in anything. 
    -The special effects were impressive, and the thought-processes behind what ‘jumping’ does to the surrounding world showed creativity.
    – The ever-present blockbuster chick was less irritating than I expected. I would have liked her better if she hadn’t been so obviously malnourished. I find it morally objectionable to continually place stick-thin girls in front of the teenage population of America. We hold them up as idols and wonder why no-one under 18 has any self-esteem. 

Bad Stuff:
   – The plot had way more potential than was actually developed.
   – There was a [brief] sex scene that was not only completely unnecessary but felt really contrived.
   – Jamie Bell’s character could have been developed to a much greater extent. In fact, all of them could have been. By the end of the movie I still didn’t KNOW anything about them. ie, there was a great lack of subtext. You may not need subtext if your text is Shakespeare but when your script is as shallow as this one, you need all the subtext you can get!

  I genuinely liked this movie. It was entertaining and fun, and for the most part I was pleasantly suprised. My inclination is to say that you should wait and rent it.

    Good company makes up for great ills and I had lots of fun. Anything that the movie lacked was compensated for by the very twitchy Jason, the best-laugh-I’ve-ever-heard Brian, the ever-so-silent Amy and my dear friend Rebecca. 

   Good times…

Back from my bonny adventure

25 11 2007

Coromandel trip, part II.

Today I hopped into a van with Amanda, Angela, Alana, Becca, Keri and Nikki and headed off to the Coromandel and Cathedral Cove. The weather was much better today than when Kate and I went, which I looked forward to very much.

The trip up was fun. We stopped off and got breakfast at Paradiso cafe, then basically drove for three hours. We got lost a couple of times and had to backtrack. At one point everyone in the car got so car sick that we had to pull over. The Coromandel roadworks people are incapable of making a straight rode (granted the topography doesn’t make it easy either- too many little hills). Point being, the place we stopped at was a tavern. A tavern full of Sunday morning bikers. Read the rest of this entry »


21 11 2007

I realize it isn’t Thanksgiving in the States until tomorrow, but here in NZ we’re celebrating Turkey Day. There’s been a huge list of people (and the food they are bringing) hanging on the prayer room door this week. You can see people wander by (mostly girls) every now and again, purposefully casual as they scan the list looking for anticipated goodies.

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Stacie- On her 21st Birthday

14 10 2007


So, I have this friend, and we met under very extraordinary circumstances. Our fathers were college roommates in Nash, a dorm at Western Washington University. And, though Stacie proceeded me into this world by six months, we have been best friends since our parents dumped us into a playpen together.

If we had met as grown-ups, I don’t think that we would have gotten along. Both strong headed, both passionate about totally different things, we would probably have been aquaintences at best. However, God had better plans. Read the rest of this entry »