Nothing Romantic

12 07 2011

“You know,” I told my Dad earlier today, “There is nothing romantic about a summer rain in Seattle. Rain is only romantic if you live somewhere where it doesn’t rain ALL THE TIME.”
He nodded and grabbed his Snapple. “Yep. Rain is only romantic when it’s in a song about someone else.”

Needless to say, we’re on our third rainstorm today and it’s getting old fast.

In other news, I’m watching parts of “Kill Bill”. It’s pretty much just as weird and bloody as I remember. Suddenly I recall why I never sat through the whole thing in the first place. Also, what’s up with the asian kid in the plaid skirt? Did plaid suddenly become big in Asia? Lots of Scottish people wandering over for really good sticky rice and then forgetting to leave? Also, someone should tell her that her weapon was a poor choice. Things that work on inertia are insanely difficult to control.

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, this is one of those stream-of-consciousness posts that happen when I’m too awake to sleep but not creative enough to paint.

Just watched a couple of really impressive martial arts movies: Ip Man and Ip Man 2. They’re both on Netflix instant watch if you want to check them out. Best part is that they are based on a true story. Second best part is that they are gloriously sparse on wire work. I detest martial arts movies that rely on wire work. (Another reason not to like Kill Bill). If you are going to make a movie about fighting the fighting should at least APPEAR realistic. Wire work is great for things like Matrix, where you are expected to suspend disbelief. But if the physics looks off in a real martial arts movie I get irritated and stop watching. Note- I’ve always been like this, even before I’d ever taken a Kempo lesson.

(Can someone remind me why Lucy Lui is the bad guy? I’m having trouble figuring out the stare-down that is happening right now…)

I just gave up on Kill Bill. Too boring. (Yes, I said BORING).

Basically my life has devolved (evolved?) into Kempo and painting. Supposedly I still have a job but I haven’t been there in four or five days so work is fading into a dim memory. The blessed haze of forgetfulness has settled over my memories of the box office, the house managing and most of all the lobby attending. Instead of work I work out. Thrice yesterday and a really intense weight day today mean that my body is gloriously gelatinous. Tomorrow I’m getting up and going for an hour long run. Hooray! (Means I get to use my new running watch!)

I’ve been working on some writing stuff lately, too, and lots of drawing. Also, I’m feeling my feelings to the best of my ability. Which is hard, because I have a lot of feelings these days.

Back to drawing. So long and thanks for all the fish!


Wow! Life Back in a Box

29 03 2011

Today was my first day back in the box office at my friendly local theatre. It’s been two or three years since I last worked in the box office and I pretty much leapt back in nose-first today. Luckily it all came back quickly and I seemed to get through with only a minimum of fuss and questions. It’s going to be a whole new/old adventure.

On a more violent note, last night in karate we learned: How to defend ourselves with a ball point pen, how to defend ourselves in a knife fight using our jackets, how to knock someone out with a purse and why the new version of Karate Kid got some things right. I also got a bonus lesson about why I shouldn’t use a keys-through-the-fist as a defense mechanism. It’s much better to chuck your keys at their face, follow it up with a few punches and then run.

I’d love to get their opinions about fighting in high heels.

Oh! And, as a bonus, one of our Senseis started doing the finger-snapping West Side Story thing and then told us that he’s a Marine. There’s a combo for you, people.

It’s just a little update but you’ll have to bear with me, I’ve got a LONG week this week.

“Opening Night” or “In which I learn a lesson”

18 03 2011

Today was opening night of Iron Curtain at Village Theatre. To my mind there is nothing more wonderful than an opening night. Everyone is dressed to the nines, everyone knows everyone and the press sniffing around give an air of intrigue to the proceedings that is delightful. Some of those press people are dear and wonderful and I look forward to seeing them every show. The others are more like undercover spies- I know they exist but I could not be sure I have seen them.

I dressed to the nines as well- to the utter delight of my feminine heart- and was told that I reminded someone of Grace Kelly.

Pause for girlish squeal of pure joy.

To continue… There aren’t a whole lot of occasions in my life where I get to get dressed up and go out somewhere so I take full advantage of opening nights. We’re talking full makeup, curled hair and heels so tall I surprised my (very tall) father. Tomorrow when I return to work the look will be decidedly more schlemiel.

After the show finished I made my way over to Lombardi’s for our opening night party. I hardly ever go to these parties but I really love the cast of Iron Curtain and thought it would be fun. And it was…mostly. The problem with being me in those situation is I don’t really KNOW people very well. I work with them every day but my interaction with 90% of the people is brief. Not much to build relationship on, you know. Hence I ALWAYS end up feeling just a wee bit awkward. As long as I can find someone to talk to I’m happy but I end up running out of people/topics of conversation quickly. I still enjoy myself but always leave early.

Tonight, contrary to the normal, I was actually having a lovely conversation with one of the lead actors. We shan’t mention names but it was like what I imagine eating with Brad Pitt would be like- lots of people coming over to say hello and chat etc etc. Right in the middle of one of these little interludes I started to feel SIck. The kind of sick I felt when I passed out on the airplane. I grabbed some water and excused myself until I felt better. Lost conversation but regained sense of balance in my inner ears.

Then I realized- I haven’t been eating or sleeping well for about four days now. Every time I go to eat I’m not hungry and when I lay down to sleep my brain is going a thousand miles a minute. Due to these unfortunate facts I had to interrupt a lovely conversation and leave early. Kicking myself the whole way, of course.

So the lesson is this: When one is under emotional duress, express it to someone, talk it out. Then eat a sandwich so you can enjoy your evening.

Secondary lesson? Thank God every day for the people in your life willing to listen when you collapse and bawl.

Something Missing?

13 03 2011

Tonight I went to work to see a production of our latest show “Iron Curtain”. I anticipated loving the show because the authors of Iron Curtain are also the authors of my favorite show VT has ever done, “Once Upon a Time in New Jersey”. There was no way that they could have disappointed me. Actually they surpassed my wildest expectations.

It was the funniest show I’ve seen in ages made all the more enjoyable because it’s chock full of my favorite local actors. I say “local actors” as though my wide acquaintance among thespians includes actors from all over the globe! Let it be noted that it does not. Point being the actors that I do love best in all the world are all in this particular show. If I could fold them up and keep them in my closet where they could sing and dance for me always I would do it. Next best is to put them in an old-hollywood-feeling-smorgasbord of awesome.

You heard me. Smorgasbord of awesome.

I find enjoyable theatre to be a mixed blessing. While I’m in the seat watching and listening it’s all wonderful but when I get up to leave my heart hurts. I miss being a part of the performing arts. Give me a stage and let me dance! Hand me some Shakespeare and I’ll gladly declaim. Just don’t send me home knowing that of all the lights around that stage not one is reserved for me.

Last time someone asked me “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” my immediate answer was “act”. Which is strange because you could never get me to admit that acting is something I want to do. At least, not in casual conversation. The truth is, though, that it’s not acting that scares me. I know in my heartiest heart that I have talent- perhaps not in any extraordinary degree; I’m not genius- but I’m capable. No, the scary part is the auditions and the rejections and being surrounded (literally every day) by people who act for a living. That’s a lot to live up to when you are the least experienced, least significant novice imaginable.

Anyway, there’s a little glimpse into my psyche. Lucky you.

Technobabble and Sandwiches

5 08 2008

Task of the Day- Getting a Job

Today we will discuss the exact formula for obtaining employment and then actually doing the job.

Step 1- Sit on your couch late at night watching something on the travel channel. Update your facebook account and write a somewhat whiny note to a religious leader about your dream job that you’ve never actually done. Have your cell phone nearby. Read the rest of this entry »

Working Out and Working In

3 01 2008

My life as of yesterday has been reduced to two things, working out and just plain working.

After the Great Room Purge of ’07 I realized that I have a lot of really cute clothes. The only problem is that they only fit my size 6 body, which now is hidden inside my size 8/10 body.

Some people work out to feel good about themselves, some do it for the adrenaline rush. I do it so I can wear my clothes!

What this all translates to is that I get up every morning and run for 20-45 minutes, then go to work. It’s a good schedule and I like it. If I could figure out a way to run twice a day I’d do it. However, it gets dark at about 4:30 now and some nights I don’t get home until 10:30. Running that late is impractical.

Work is fun. I really look forward to getting up and going there every day. How cool is it that God made people who actually enjoy working?!

That said, it’s time for me to hit the pavement.