Inspired by “Godspell”

22 07 2007

Ok, so I’m a sucker for a good musical. Not that Godspell, in and of itself, is a good musical- it’s far too disjointed for my taste. However, an excellent production and a talented cast made for an enjoyable night out.

 Memorable moment- Casey Craig’s favorite pair of overalls got mauled by a chair and his only comment “Oh. Gosh.” resounded through the theatre. Only he can look totally nonplussed at the mid-act ruination of his pants.

“Three things I pray

See Thee more clearly

Love Thee more dearly

Follow Thee more nearly

This I pray”

It’s making me reconsider my stance on religously-themed musicals. I was touched by Joseph…, though slightly put-off by the hokier moments. I weep openly during the Act I finale of Children of Eden and I was genuinely touched by Godspell.

Honestly, though, let’s not give too much credit to the creators of said musicals. It probably has more to do with the fact that you simply cannot hide Truth when it’s in plain sight than it does any particularly genius on the part of men.

Pardon any lack of clarity in my English grammar… it’s a bit late (almost 2am my time) and I’ve had a strange day.

Bravo Kentridge high school and props for entertaining someone as picky as I!




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23 07 2007
Jennifer James

Have you seen hairspray yet? Teressa and I had a blast!

23 07 2007

Nawh… though I did see HP. 🙂

I’m budgeting myself pretty tightly until I leave so I probably won’t be able to see Hairspray in theatres. Sad day.

I have to go try and buy jeans today. It’s kind of like death. I love YOU, though!

23 07 2007
Jennifer James

You saw HP? I am reading book three right now…

23 07 2007


And I’ve no-one around who loves movies like I do and will chat endlessly about them.

I made Hilary tell me the end of the seventh book as proof that I really don’t care about HP. It makes me feel better about myself.

But yes, the movie. Good overall, parts of it were rather disturbing but one of the actresses was completely brilliant and that made me happy. If you love Special effects or have feelings about cinematography you’ll like it.

Read the book first, though.

23 07 2007
Jennifer James

Rosalynne is loaning me all the books so I don’t have to buy them.

Mmmmm delicious hardbacks….

I had to read the first one in large print, because it’s all the library had. It made my eyes feel like they were running a marathon.

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