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13 03 2011

Tonight I went to work to see a production of our latest show “Iron Curtain”. I anticipated loving the show because the authors of Iron Curtain are also the authors of my favorite show VT has ever done, “Once Upon a Time in New Jersey”. There was no way that they could have disappointed me. Actually they surpassed my wildest expectations.

It was the funniest show I’ve seen in ages made all the more enjoyable because it’s chock full of my favorite local actors. I say “local actors” as though my wide acquaintance among thespians includes actors from all over the globe! Let it be noted that it does not. Point being the actors that I do love best in all the world are all in this particular show. If I could fold them up and keep them in my closet where they could sing and dance for me always I would do it. Next best is to put them in an old-hollywood-feeling-smorgasbord of awesome.

You heard me. Smorgasbord of awesome.

I find enjoyable theatre to be a mixed blessing. While I’m in the seat watching and listening it’s all wonderful but when I get up to leave my heart hurts. I miss being a part of the performing arts. Give me a stage and let me dance! Hand me some Shakespeare and I’ll gladly declaim. Just don’t send me home knowing that of all the lights around that stage not one is reserved for me.

Last time someone asked me “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” my immediate answer was “act”. Which is strange because you could never get me to admit that acting is something I want to do. At least, not in casual conversation. The truth is, though, that it’s not acting that scares me. I know in my heartiest heart that I have talent- perhaps not in any extraordinary degree; I’m not genius- but I’m capable. No, the scary part is the auditions and the rejections and being surrounded (literally every day) by people who act for a living. That’s a lot to live up to when you are the least experienced, least significant novice imaginable.

Anyway, there’s a little glimpse into my psyche. Lucky you.



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14 03 2011

I kinda know that feeling, except it’s with music for me. Well, any kind of orchestral or jazz, really. Everything else is fine. But (un)fortunately, I don’t catch live jazz groups or orchestras often.

Hmmm…this reminds me I really need to hit up the local jazz club. It’s been too long.

14 03 2011

Alright buddy. You go “jazzing” and I will find some place to audition. Let’s DO this!

17 03 2011

Uh oh, now I can’t back out of doing this! Time to recruit some friends for a fun night out.

17 03 2011

Right! Readysetgo!

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