“Opening Night” or “In which I learn a lesson”

18 03 2011

Today was opening night of Iron Curtain at Village Theatre. To my mind there is nothing more wonderful than an opening night. Everyone is dressed to the nines, everyone knows everyone and the press sniffing around give an air of intrigue to the proceedings that is delightful. Some of those press people are dear and wonderful and I look forward to seeing them every show. The others are more like undercover spies- I know they exist but I could not be sure I have seen them.

I dressed to the nines as well- to the utter delight of my feminine heart- and was told that I reminded someone of Grace Kelly.

Pause for girlish squeal of pure joy.

To continue… There aren’t a whole lot of occasions in my life where I get to get dressed up and go out somewhere so I take full advantage of opening nights. We’re talking full makeup, curled hair and heels so tall I surprised my (very tall) father. Tomorrow when I return to work the look will be decidedly more schlemiel.

After the show finished I made my way over to Lombardi’s for our opening night party. I hardly ever go to these parties but I really love the cast of Iron Curtain and thought it would be fun. And it was…mostly. The problem with being me in those situation is I don’t really KNOW people very well. I work with them every day but my interaction with 90% of the people is brief. Not much to build relationship on, you know. Hence I ALWAYS end up feeling just a wee bit awkward. As long as I can find someone to talk to I’m happy but I end up running out of people/topics of conversation quickly. I still enjoy myself but always leave early.

Tonight, contrary to the normal, I was actually having a lovely conversation with one of the lead actors. We shan’t mention names but it was like what I imagine eating with Brad Pitt would be like- lots of people coming over to say hello and chat etc etc. Right in the middle of one of these little interludes I started to feel SIck. The kind of sick I felt when I passed out on the airplane. I grabbed some water and excused myself until I felt better. Lost conversation but regained sense of balance in my inner ears.

Then I realized- I haven’t been eating or sleeping well for about four days now. Every time I go to eat I’m not hungry and when I lay down to sleep my brain is going a thousand miles a minute. Due to these unfortunate facts I had to interrupt a lovely conversation and leave early. Kicking myself the whole way, of course.

So the lesson is this: When one is under emotional duress, express it to someone, talk it out. Then eat a sandwich so you can enjoy your evening.

Secondary lesson? Thank God every day for the people in your life willing to listen when you collapse and bawl.




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