Working Out and Working In

3 01 2008

My life as of yesterday has been reduced to two things, working out and just plain working.

After the Great Room Purge of ’07 I realized that I have a lot of really cute clothes. The only problem is that they only fit my size 6 body, which now is hidden inside my size 8/10 body.

Some people work out to feel good about themselves, some do it for the adrenaline rush. I do it so I can wear my clothes!

What this all translates to is that I get up every morning and run for 20-45 minutes, then go to work. It’s a good schedule and I like it. If I could figure out a way to run twice a day I’d do it. However, it gets dark at about 4:30 now and some nights I don’t get home until 10:30. Running that late is impractical.

Work is fun. I really look forward to getting up and going there every day. How cool is it that God made people who actually enjoy working?!

That said, it’s time for me to hit the pavement.




3 responses

3 01 2008
Jennifer James

I need to go to the gym more. I too would like to liberate my size 6 body. However, I think my …robust…hips may prevent that. I can do my best though!

I had home made falafel with cucumber yogurt sauce in pita bread for lunch, and tonight, I am going to the gym.

3 01 2008
Meg the First

Good girl. I went running in the rain this morning and, after yesterday’s all-out effort, I just about died.

Needless to say I was very wet, very winded and totally proud of myself by the time I finally dragged my sorry carcass back into the house. (I did skip the push ups/sit ups today since I wanted to get to work on time.)

4 01 2008
Jennifer James

Yeah we didn’t so much go last night. I laid in the tub and ate chocolate chip cookies instead.

sigh. My pudge says huloo.

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