Wow! Life Back in a Box

29 03 2011

Today was my first day back in the box office at my friendly local theatre. It’s been two or three years since I last worked in the box office and I pretty much leapt back in nose-first today. Luckily it all came back quickly and I seemed to get through with only a minimum of fuss and questions. It’s going to be a whole new/old adventure.

On a more violent note, last night in karate we learned: How to defend ourselves with a ball point pen, how to defend ourselves in a knife fight using our jackets, how to knock someone out with a purse and why the new version of Karate Kid got some things right. I also got a bonus lesson about why I shouldn’t use a keys-through-the-fist as a defense mechanism. It’s much better to chuck your keys at their face, follow it up with a few punches and then run.

I’d love to get their opinions about fighting in high heels.

Oh! And, as a bonus, one of our Senseis started doing the finger-snapping West Side Story thing and then told us that he’s a Marine. There’s a combo for you, people.

It’s just a little update but you’ll have to bear with me, I’ve got a LONG week this week.




One response

30 03 2011

Somehow I’m guessing the main thing about fighting in high heels is getting out of them. But then, I’m a guy and I don’t know much about fighting without a good suit of armour and a polearm, greatsword, or battleaxe.

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