Let’s Talk About Me Some More

22 03 2011

Because, let’s face it, there are not enough blog posts in the world dedicated to me. I mean, come on people!

I’m currently enjoying an evening at home with a cat sitting as close to my face as is practical. Really it’s quite the loveliest picture of me in fifty years- PJ’s, a big glass of water, a side ponytail and a cat. Probably in fifty years I’ll have more cats, though. I should really take a picture for comparisons sake.


Here’s the thing about birthdays (my 24th is imminent)- I really like DOING things for my birthday but I don’t much like organizing aforementioned vague and undecided ‘things’. This is where a boyfriend would, in theory, be an asset. I’ve heard that it’s the significant other’s responsibility to organize things to do on birthdays. However, I’m not willing to get into a relationship just for that one day a year. 🙂

Instead, I’ve pondered up some things that I think would be fun and birthday-ish. I’m leaving out a trip to Disneyland because that’s pretty much a given and I don’t want to think about it.

I’d like to go to Chopsticks. Carina and I went to the one in Everett for an early dinner before a show at EPAC once and the macaroni was amazing. We didn’t get to see the dueling pianos because we were too early but it seemed like something that would be super fun. Plus, did I mention the macaroni and cheese?!

Taking a mini road trip to Port Townsend or Leavenworth would be neat. My best friend lives in PT and I haven’t seen her new house yet. On the other hand (and in the other direction entirely) is Leavenworth. I haven’t been there since I was a little little kid and I have no memory of ever poking around there for any amount of time. In fact, I have no idea if a trip to Leavenworth counts as a “mini” road trip. How long DOES it take to get over there? Too bad it’s too early for tulips. I think they are closer.

Always a favorite of mine, as far as activities go, is a trip to Woodland Park Zoo. Preferably alone, actually, because I like to draw and it’s hard to draw if you feel like you are holding the group back. Some situations are better enjoyed alone. (Just so long as you remember that those specific situations are few and far between.)

Oh! I think it’d be a blast to go watch a bunch of the crazy actors I work with do karaoke. This particular event is one that I hope will never be realized, though, because I WILL NOT sing karaoke. Not under any circumstance. And it’s a given that if you are in a building where karaoke is happening someone will try and peer pressure you into participating. No way jose! Perhaps just some videos of other people (talented singers) doing karaoke would suffice. Heck, if we are going to have pipe dreams why not just wrangle all the good singers at VT into a room and make them take turns singing? And dancing. Singing and dancing songs they love. I feel a fund-raising event coming on… I can’t be the only one who would enjoy the heck out of something like that…

I’d like to have an excuse to dress up. I’ve got a great Grace Kelly dress that hasn’t seen the light of day since opening night of West Side Story at 5th Avenue. Perhaps Alex, the Mansour kids and I could have our own dressing-fancy party.

Going out to lunch with the Mansours is pretty high on my list. Particularly if aforementioned lunch is at a certain restaurant in Bellevue that serves truffle fries… Lynnie mommy- hint hint. 🙂 Heck, I’ll buy the fries!

Maybe a fun hike… I haven’t gone hiking in ages but I enjoy such things. Especially if I get to bring a sketch book and am in the company of people who don’t mind me admiring the trees every half step.

I would like to have a portrait session with Shelley Paulson. Just as there are not enough blog posts dedicated to me, there are far too many pointless photos of me in the world. Not that anything Shelley does is pointless, but it does seem silly to have pictures taken of oneself for no reason at all. Have I mentioned that Shelley has a fantastic singing voice? Is anyone else sensing a pattern…?

You know what, though? I’m pretty satisfied that my birthday is on a Thursday this year. One of the best days of all, I think, since I’ll get to be at The Hill with all my extra family. If the Harris’ are there then I will consider it quite the perfect evening. I’m grateful to just be alive and among friends.




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26 03 2011

I’m always in favor of people making Disneyland excursions. Of course, it’s a bit easier for me and my friends. If you do decide to move south, I’ll hook you up with some good D-land buddies.

In any case, happy pre-birthday!

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