For your amusement: Dreams

4 04 2011

My journal used to be like everyone else’s journal on the planet. It included brief entries regarding important events, hopes, frustrations, wishes and the occasional sketch. Sometime over the last two years it has turned into almost purely a “dream” book. Not a “I want a house where all the walls are floor to ceiling bookshelves” kind of dreams- the kind you get during a good REM cycle.

In the absence of anything extraordinary to report I will copy verbatim some dreams as written down in aforementioned journal. (Can I write a sentence or can I write a sentence?!) 

—> (from November 2010) I’m sitting near a grand piano. Someone’s playing for me. Dad complains that one of the keys is making a funny noise. Boy fixes it. Kelsey Keogh takes over [playing the piano]. I’m sitting across from Josh Groban and I mention someone who was great in musicals. JG starts singing Phantom and is reluctantly joined by the original Christine. She doesn’t much want to sing and so stops quickly.

—> (from January 4th, 2011) Bunch of intelligence tests. Placards with sentences on them that I must read aloud without making mistakes but the words squish together and jump around. A list of little coloured dots with names next to them like “gold, silver, crystal” etc. I am handed a bowling ball-sized sphere swirled over with two colours and told to identify the colours. I know the greenish gold part is “cobalt”. The other part is clear and crystalline with lots of colours in it. I guess “crystal” because it was on the list but I’m corrected. The substance was actually “diamond”.

This is a good one- one of the epic adventure-type dreams I sometimes have. Be warned, it may not make much sense…
—> (From January 9th, 2011) In a warehouse. Running/escaping down a semi-ruined shaft. Ancient egyptian-ish. Exit into an ashy void. Spider monster tries to come through but can’t cross the barrier. Time barrier. I lock it into a chair/throne and it dies.
On a giant wooden machine. My friends are shackled into it as the power source and the bad guy is taking practice swings. It’s a MASSIVE trebuchet that is built partially indoors in the “ashy void”. A man protests that “It’ll be bad eough when it’s powered by ghosts so knock off practicing!”. Bad guy obliges. Back to warehouse.

—> (from July 2nd 2010) With the Von Trapp family at a gas station. I kiss one of the gas pumps on a dare and we plan our escape from our wicked captors.

—> (From January 2010) I’m on a huge, gorgeous ship. There are girls playing piano and this crazy display wall with giant animotronics and fireworks and the whole thing slides back and becomes 3D. The concierge/monk at the top of the stairs redirects me- I race down the inlaid wood stairs. The whole place is super opulent, like a really nice hotel at Christmas.
I got lost but found Jake and we stuck together until, during the 3D wall show they stopped everything because of an earthquake. (Couldn’t feel the earthquake so maybe it was a drill). Anyway I took off running around the corner to a stable. Turns out the ship was sinking. I could hear screams and feel the water.
Eventually I’m outside the ship listening to the mermen discuss whether or not to save us as the evil sea creatures suck the ship down.

—> (from September 2010) In Costco. Wine tasting and assuring Sarah that Chuck really does love her.

—> (from September 2010) I learned to raise my left eyebrow and was super excited.

—> (From October 10th, 2010) Going to the Oscars in an arcmoto because it’s silly to rent a limo for one person.

And finally….
—> (from October, 2010). Walking on a moonlit and lamplit city street. I come to the Victoria and Albert museum (which is draped in bunting and not yet open). I am Victoria and I’m sad. I run into a childhood sweetheart. He is sorry that my husband is dead and I remember how much we used to love each other. He takes my hand and we go into the museum rotunda. It’s covered in enormous paintings (30 and 40 feet high) appropriate to the theme of the museum (which is?). The final painting is all in blue and shows a temple in the desert and two silhouetted figures.

And there’s always the one where I was at a party and someone stepped on their own tongue ON PURPOSE. Or about the mansion I broke into because I really had to go to the bathroom…. The stories are almost endless. Hope you enjoyed these few. Feel free to pick one and interpret. Such things are always good for a laugh.




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