In Defense of You

21 03 2011

Or “Why You Should Unleash Your Creative Side”

I’ve said it before and not infrequently, but I am a big advocate of the Creative inside each person I meet. We live in a culture where creativity is often looked at askance. Graffiti, street musicians, musical theatre, girls who tap dance around Seattle parks, the guy with the tri-coloured faux-hawk, all are viewed with vague distrust. Moreover, the people who never grow up (like me) and are therefore more inclined to Public Displays of Creativity (PDC) are at best whimsical and at worst strange. 

But there is nothing strange in being creative. Doesn’t matter if your medium is gardening, chalk drawings, portraits of clown made entirely of hand-dyed flax seeds or tap dancing. Heck, I’ve had some of my most creative moments while making soup! And what about your hair, girls? You think that that fancy braid your grandma taught you isn’t a glorious example of creativity? And you guys, what about those incredibly creative things you had to do to get that girl’s attention? Not everyone would have thought of sending her a map marked with all the best coffee spots in Western Washington.

What I’m saying is that we are ALL creative beings. ALL OF US. Granted, some of us seem to be “naturals” but that’s just a facade. People who are “naturally artistic” just lucked out- they have either guts or passion as an essential part of their make-up. But don’t be discouraged. Those people are usually just the slightest bit crazy. The good news is you don’t have to change a single thing about yourself in order to embrace your inner Creative. There is no need to buy an all-black wardrobe, to cut your hair asymmetrically or to know the difference between Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. All you have to do is be a little bold.

Next time you see a box of crayons and some paper that your three year old left out just grab a few and draw a flower. Or a rainbow. Or batman eating a sub sandwich! Or do a Time Step while you are in line at the bank. It’ll give the teller a good story and your fellow bank-goers a smile, guaranteed. What about all you people out there with a secret yen to sing? I bet more of you have good voices than you’d think. Just hum a tune. When you can hum at the grocery store comfortably try singing at the gas station. You know that Cole Porter song has been stuck in your head for days so let it out!

If you don’t do what is in you to do IT WILL NEVER BE DONE. You are unique- singular-glorious. Share some of that glory with the rest of us.

“But it’s scary!” I hear you saying. “And I’m not good at dancing/drawing/making soup!”

Who said you had to be good?! You don’t take anything out of the world by being not-fantastic at something. Conversely, you do add a great deal of your own Joy to the mix when you are doing things just for the fun of it. The world would be a happier place if more people tap-danced (albeit badly) around parks. Or quoted Shakespeare to their baristas. Or wore bright green eyeshadow on a gray day.

Won’t you believe in yourself enough to just take a baby step into your creativity? I believe in you and can hardly wait to see you move into the freedom found outside the box.

Good luck!





2 responses

21 03 2011

Excellent, points there. I particularly like your observation that people watch creative activities and observe the perpreatrtor as strange. I too believe that everyone has a creative side that must be indulged for their own sanity. i wrote a blog on the lack of creative outlet or encouragement of individuality for the pupils in my high school recently. Please come along to read it if you find yourself with a free moment. Great blog.(yours i mean, not mine!)

27 03 2011
lynnie mommy

This is fantastic! We need a creative spot…..kind of like Pooh’s thinking spot….don’t you think?

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