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9 03 2011

Some of you have already heard about my cat’s recent artistic escapade. For the uninitiated I’m going to tell the story again so beware.

About ten years ago my sister brought home a little all-black kitten and named the creature Isabelle. She proved early to be a poorly socialized fraidy-cat. (Isabelle, not Jennifer). Not to mention neurotic, needy and the only bulimic animal I have ever met. That said, as far as cats go she’s all I have so I try not to complain too much. And, to be generous, she’s the most beautiful domestic shorthair I’ve ever seen.

The other day I had the house to myself and so indulged in a glorious orgy of painting. At one point I was on the floor getting ready to do a priming coat on the latest painting. Isabelle was chasing shadows and attacking the cardboard that covers the floor. I was pretty much ignoring her and began putting paint splotches onto the canvas. The cat, in a heated moment of kitten-ness, watched me put a splotch down and POUNCED.

On to the wet paint. 

Of course she had the instant neurotic-cat reaction. She shook her paint-laden paw (spraying paint all over the front of herself and some of the studio) and RAN. I chased her down in my bedroom and picked her up. It took about thirty seconds for me to get to the bathroom with an armful of frightened cat who was, in her freak-out, liberally daubing my hands and arms with titanium white.

Now, my cat has never has more than a passing acquaintance with water. She hates the stuff and reminded me of the fact as I tried to repeatedly stick her paw under my sink faucet. The whole thing ended with me sitting (fully clothed) in the tub with the tap running, alternately sticking Isabelle’s paw under the water and wetting my hands to rub it out of her fur.

You can imagine how that went. Thank goodness her front claws were removed when she was a kitten or my blood would run titanium white to an unusual degree.

She still has a spattering of paint on her right ear and cheek. Now I get to say stuff like “You know you’re an artist when your cat is covered in paint”.

In other news:

I’m currently undergoing some heart-work as the Lord challenges me to really trust Him. Obedience on a whole new level where I am trusting Him not only for myself but for the hearts of others.

The movie-theme of the week is “movies about deaf characters”. I’ve watched two really interesting indie movies, one with a deaf male lead and one with a deaf female lead. It’s achingly obvious that these movies are made for hearing people. In the first movie I watched no sign language was used at all and in the second the camera work obscured most of the sign. I also found myself almost offended by the way interpreters and the subject of cochlear implants was portrayed. These movies were made by hearing people for hearing people.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not BAD movies, nor evil. Just ignorant-feeling. I enjoyed both films thoroughly with the part of myself that is hearing but with my heart that loves the Deaf community I was hurting just a little.

Dad took mom and I to the Norman Rockwell exhibit today. What an incredible experience to stand inches away from the original paintings! Possible more on this subject later.

Signing off for now. Hope the spelling/grammar/punctuation isn’t too shocking because I’m not going to proof read this bit of fluff. Love, Meghan





One response

23 05 2011

So, this is totally that awkward comment on an old post. However! I suddenly remembered your paragraph about movies w/ Deaf characters (which stood out to me initially because of the three semesters of ASL I took in my community college days. I’m terribly out of practice but I still find that language awesome).

Anyways, I though you might find interesting the minor Deaf character in ‘A Lot Like Love’. He’s the brother of one of the leads who just randomly appears in the movie several times with no plot-related reason for him to be Deaf (unless a really cheap trick to make the lead guy’s signing a super-sympathetic quality. If it is, it falls flat on me). As far as I can tell with my out of practice signing skillz, he signs pretty well (speedy, snappy to real signs), though without a camera focus on the signing unless it establishes an existing shot. Since you describe yourself as a movie lover, I figured you find it worthwhile.

P.S.: Also, Ashton Kutcher signing at least decently well. He’s never stuck me as an actor with the willingness to become fairly skilled in a new language. Though maybe that’s me being less-than-generous. Or perhaps me being less-discerning-of-acting-skills-than-I-think (I’m certainly not good enough to consciously tell).

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