I spell Christmas B-A-K-I-N-G

20 12 2010

Is it possible for someone’s love language to be baked goods? Giving not receiving, I mean.  It probably wouldn’t warm the cockles of my heart to find a loaf of bread on my doorstep but it delights my soul to be the leaver of said bread.

“Said bread”. Ha. It rhymes.

These days I have lots of brilliant blog ideas but only at impossible hours of the night. The kind of times when the thought might be good but the energy required to actually WRITE the thing is just not present. Subject matter that you have no seen realized include such topics as “An old-fashioned future”, “Why women should marry for money”, “Platypus, the other white meat?” and “rain”.

The “old fashioned future” idea is based on something that James Gurney said in his blog. He was talking about how, in most art and science-fiction, future worlds are aesthetically austere or even barren. All clean lines and metal. However, in most of history humankind is inclined toward decoration and ornamentation. The tendencies of the last 50 years towards metal cubist crap is actually an aberration. So then I got to thinking about how great it would be to write a short story about someone traveling to the future and discovering that all their ideas of what the future would be like are ‘old fashioned’.

Don’t even ask about the platypus thing…

It’s Christmas again- my favorite time of the year- and I’m missing my sister, brother-in-law and the babies. A lot. But I figured that someone in the house has to keep it together so I’m not crying.

If you find some bread on your doorstep thank the reindeer, santa, the three wise men and me. We all love Christmas.




3 responses

21 12 2010

If baked goods is not a love language, than I must conclude that several friends and acquaintances are less loving than I had assumed. I’m not willing to accept that conclusion, and the logic is simple, so therefore I must assert that the creation and giving of baked goods is a love language.

Wow, proof by contradiction. Amazing how the math classes stick with you.

As for the old-fashioned future, that sounds intriguing. I sadly don’t know enough of art (despite friendship with several artists and that one art appreciation class I took) to be certain of your idea. But it sounds right. And it kinda reminds me of Neal Stephenson’s “Diamond Age”, which is steam punk in the future with nanotech instead of steam. I may have to reread it and pay more attention to the decorations.

23 12 2010
Jennifer James

I’m obsessed with steampunk right now for that exact same reason. I think the future will probably be more old fashioned, as we yearn to return to richness.

23 12 2010
Jennifer James

I am also currently reading “Diamond Age” for the 17th time.

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