Things I like:

22 11 2010

Someday someone is going to want to know things like this about me. I’m saving us all lots of time here, so appreciate it.

The three movies I can hardly wait for this Christmas season are: Tangled, Tron:Legacy and Dawn Treader. Tangled because Zachary Levi is voice talent and I have a major celebrity crush on Zach Levi. (Don’t worry, the crush is alleviated by the fact that his given last name is “Pugh”.) Tron: Legacy because it looks like the best kinds of awesome. Dawn Treader is obvious, I hope. Throw in the facts that it’s my favorite of the books and Ben Barnes has facial hair and… bliss!

Other random factoids that might end up being of interest, in no particular order and with no guarantee of actual importance.

I like traveling a lot but I hate the whole concept of coach air travel. I always feel like I’m in training to be a sardine.

I’d prefer to be called Miss Smith by acquaintances. It never happens but it makes me feel so respected.

Though I can live without them, I like really nice things. Actual nice things not just stuff that’s expensive.

My sister is one of my favorite people on earth.

Christmas trees and Christmas lights make me SO happy. Caroling makes me happier.

I’m quite content to sit for hours unto days just watching movies with friends.

I’m miserable if I think the people around me aren’t having fun, though I’m trying to get healed of it.

Don’t make me watch the Simpsons or Family Guy. I will resent you forever.

Libraries are necessary to life.

Ok. It’s a “fluffy” post but the point is I wrote something. Be proud.






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