Danny Kaye is my Hero

20 11 2010

One of my favorite actors of all time is undoubtedly Danny Kaye. His rare combination of humor, “flexi-face”, singing ability, and flat-out talent have me mesmerized whenever he is on screen. Tonight was a great night in that I got to watch “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” with some dear friends. I laughed out loud and exclaimed more than once from pure enjoyment. If you are having a bad day or terrible weather or your house has just fallen into a sink hole I recommend the incomparable Danny Kaye as an instant mood-lifter.

Thankfully my house has NOT fallen into a sink hole. I’ve just now got my room and art studio arranged the way I want them! I’d hate to lose the operation into a muddy hole. Just ask Mike Bickle- it’s a bummer. (Jennifer/Aaron: It WAS MB whose car fell into the sink hole, right?)

In other news, I begin to seriously contemplate The Watching of The Lord of the Rings. It is a dread undertaking that I cannot attempt more than once every several years, and never when I am emotionally fragile. For me, watching these movies is akin to a sort of exquisite torture. (No, I cannot possibly make you understand why so don’t ask.) Ok fine…. I’ll try. Just imagine the realization of all of your dreams, combined with beauty that hurts you with some prophetic meaning swirled in too. Then slam it all into twelve hours, add some snacks and you have a weekend that I look forward to with equal parts excitement and dread.

It’s important, is my point.

And, with the Heron Creek Project shaping up well, and the bad weather setting in, it’s a good time to begin again the trip to Mt. Doom.

You all know I’m a mega-nerd, right? The only thing left to complete my journey into Uber-nerd is gaming. Thus far I am not a gamer. My non-gaming is intentional; I have a vaguely addictive personality. šŸ™‚

Continuing to speak life over myself. There is nothing wrong with my Vagas nerve! Sometimes I get anxious feeling but I’m recognizing it now and am on the watch for triggers.

Also, today I hulled a pomegranate and bought coconut water. The pom was good, I’m still on the fence about the coconut water.




One response

21 11 2010

As a gamer, I can say that pre-emptive restraint is a good thing.

Also, you’ve reminded me that I’m overdue for my annual Reading Of The Lord of the Rings. Hmm.

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