Cutco, Cats, Cayenne

18 11 2010

I’m sitting in our kitchen listening to a very nice young man describing the dozens of different kinds of Cutco knives. We have a glorious set of Cutco already but after listening to this guy I want three of everything. It’s great to hear a college guy using the  word “mincing” so often.

There’s been some interesting stuff going on here and I am apologizing now for not having kept up with this blog. I think blogging will have to go on my “to-do” daily list along with going to the gym and “beholding”.  I mean, what’s the point of having a blog if you never use it? And it’s not like I don’t have thoughts to share!


I only have a couple of minutes here… Let me tell you about how difficult it is to make a bed while there is a cat ON the bed. First I will explain the strata (geology reference!) of my bed. The mattress, a feather bed, a protective sheet, flannel bottom sheet, flannel top sheet, giant cozy blanket folded in half, feather comforter, sheet to protect feather comforter from cat hair. Imagine all those layers….

So I start making the bed. The cat is sitting dead center on the feather bed giving me the stink-eye. She knows I want to get my sheets and blankets off of the floor and back onto the bed. I start putting on the bottom sheet(s) and every time I wrestle the mattress away from the wall and get a corner hooked I have to pick the cat up, hook the other corner and drop the cat back onto the bed. The idea of throwing the cat OUT of the room never occurred to me. Don’t judge. When we get to the blankets it gets really interesting. At this point she gets the idea that it’s a game and begins to run back and forth UNDER the blankets. Do you know how difficult it is to get hospital corners done correctly while your bed is pitching around like something from The Exorcist?!

I got it done eventually. When the blankets got so heavy that she was getting squished she gave up and ran away. Of course, she came back and took a nap as soon as I was done. Ce la vie.

Incidentally, this post has nothing to do with Cayenne.




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