The Time Machine Strikes Again (Part 10)

21 05 2010

Ten is a good number. I don’t know how I feel about 11, though, so an attempt will be made to end this thing. I probably will fail, or reach a point that is so clever and stop-at-able that I will truncate part 10 and force myself into a part 11. Sigh. Sorry folks.

Richmond spent most of the next twelve hours pacing our plush cell and muttering to himself. He asked me twice if I had any ideas, once if I had remember a pocket handkerchief and seven times to borrow my pocket watch and tie pin. Somehow I had managed to make it more than a few days in medieval England without losing my tie pin. Eventually I stopped accepting the aforementioned articles when Richmond would attempt to return them.

The men at arms ignored both Richmond and myself, talking to one another and eating when food was brought in. Richmond ate nothing and either the wine or my impending demise had turned my stomach.

At one point some time after dusk had faded into evening I left Richmond crouched before a roaring fire and laid myself down on the enormous bed. My mind whirled in nauseating spirals. I felt convinced that there was some way out of our predicament but no solution presented itself.

It took perhaps several hours of fumbling in my mind like an old man searching for his glasses before sleep claimed me. My sleep was not quiet, nor deep, but it was a brief respite from fear and confusion.

A very brief respite.

I woke to Richmond’s face shoved close to mine. To my sleep-blurred brain his face seemed more wrinkled and craggy than ever.

“Viktor!” His whisper was insistent as he hauled me upright by my collar. “I have the solution!”

I stood unsteadily, shocked awake by the coldness of the room. It was still dark but the fire had fallen down to coals. Probably we were close to dawn and Richmond had obviously not slept.

“You have?” I stifled the flutterings of hope until I had heard what he had to say. “What is it?”

His face split in an enormous smile. “All you have to do is not die!”

There was a pause. A long pause. Then my brain caught up with my ears and I almost screamed. “Have you gone insane?!”

“Of course not. Of course not! I have it all worked out.” He shuffled back and forth in front of the fire, looking for all the world like a wind-up toy. “Merlin will try to kill you and you will live!”

I grabbed a hold of his sleeve as he passed in front of me. “Richmond, please explain what the devil you are talking about.”

He squinted at me as though I was a specimen in a jar. “Your execution will be public. Arthur would obviously have it no other way. Therefore, Merlin can’t use any fancy methods of execution. His technique will be strictly medieval. Probably beheading, since you are a ‘nobleman’. And it will have to be a suprise since as far as he knows you have no idea of what is coming.” Richmond smiled again. “I can practically see it now. Arthur will gather all the locals to watch. Merlin will have set up some elaborate parade ground with knights in armor standing at attention. You and I will be led out…”

“Richmond I get the idea. But how do you suggest I survive a beheading?”

“Well you won’t actually be beheaded.”

“I won’t?” The nausea was back, my friend had obviously gone insane and my situation was once again hopeless.

“No! I have a plan…”

I sat down heavily on the bed. “Of course you do.”

Richmond drew himself upright and half laughed, half snarled at me. “You don’t suppose that I came to Camelot completely unprepared, do you?”

“Our being locked up and my being scheduled for execution did leave me rather in doubt.”

“Oh ye of little faith. Go back to sleep, I have things to do.”

I laid back down and sighed. Here we go again was my last conscience thought.




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22 05 2010

THANK YOU!!! Now of course I want more!

22 05 2010

How will the plucky heroes escape? DUN DUN DUN

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