The Time Machine Strikes Again (Part 6)

6 05 2010

Here we go kids! Let’s see where we end up. (Someone give the ninja some snacks before we lose her to malnutrition. Shout out to the Westads.)

I had not expected even Richmond to be able to prepare for the journey with anything like haste. The population of his lands seemed to be mostly lethargic servants and dour serfs. Surprise mounted upon suprise as I watched Richmond whip a castle’s worth of servants into a frothy whir of activity.  I mostly stayed out of the way, wandering halls and fields with wide eyes. At first I had wanted to return and check on the Machine but  Richmond had forbidden me. He was afraid one of Merlin’s spies would follow me and all would be lost.

The very morning after our discussion I found myself mounted on a heavy-hoofed horse surrounded by servants both afoot and mounted and following closely after my friend. The servant’s moods seemed to lift the farther we traveled from Richmond’s castle. I wondered at their changed demeanor until I realized that novelty was the only spice their lives afforded and novelty was unbelievably rare. Richmond had commanded quite a following. Almost half the castle accompanied us.

All part of the plan.

It took three days before we saw the hill upon which Arthur’s castle had been built. Modern readers know the place as Camelot, though the men I heard speak the word pronounced it as two words that sounded like “Kay mLote”. The awe from those around me was a testament to the magic that Camelot would cast upon England for centuries to come.

I had expected something dour and gray like illustrations of English castles I had seen in books. Camelot, though, was something entirely different. Beautiful with a beauty more exotic even than tropical flowers and twice as unexpected. The stone was white, the towers slender with aqueducts, paved roads and high walls.  The city that surrounded the castle was fashioned in kind and the whole effect was breathtaking.

The company grew almost jovial with excitement as we observed the airy fortress. All except Richmond, that is, who grew ever more dour and silent. Almost I could see his mind whirring, the thoughts meeting and powering forward more surely than wheels and cogs in a watch.

Sunset of the third day saw our company entering Camelot, unchallenged by the guard who obviously recognized the arms on Richmond’s banner and the trailing skirts of his warhorse.  I did notice a boy, lurking in the shadows of the gate, take off at a fast run upon our arrival. He was quickly lost in the crowd. Richmond’s eyes met mine and he nodded slightly.

Our arrival had been noted.

I wasn’t going to end Part six this quickly but it’s such a GOOD stopping point that I can’t help myself. More soon!




3 responses

8 05 2010

*clutches snacks forlornly* But—but there has to be more story! I made a sandwich and everything!

I’m going to camp out here until you post the next part. Let me just spread out a sleeping bag here in the comments box …

8 05 2010

By my watch, it is now half past soon. So where is the next posting?

8 05 2010

It’s coming here in the next half hour!

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