Today I remembered the juice

18 04 2010

This blog has become my virtual equivalent of a summer cabin. I visit occasionally but only long enough to wish I’d changed the curtains three years ago. I know it’s nice here. The trees are beautiful and the lake is full of exceptionally stupid rainbow trout. It’s warm and comfy and I brought lots of hotdogs and firewood.

But then I have to leave again and I forget how nice the breeze is and how stupid the trout are and all I remember is what a stinking long drive it is to get here.

In case you got lost in the metaphor I will repeat that this blog has become practically abandoned.

Apologies. Summer cabins and blogs should be visited by their owners more than once a year.

Life continues apace. On the “doing” level I’m working and taking ballet classes and learning to play the piano. I babysit occasionally and enjoy trips to the library for books and movies. Additionally, Michael and Jadon are in town and I love it! I miss those guys when they’re not around.

On the “being” level things are more complicated. I’m very content here in Seattle, doing my “little” things. I’m not changing the world but I’m happy. My greatest struggle is to not let myself become convinced that being here makes me lazy or wrong or [substitute guilt-inducing religious adjective here]. The problem with being me is that I am mentally wired to accomplish. I like checklists and expectations and DOING stuff. Even not-doing becomes doing and learning to just go with Him is HARD.

If loving Jesus were a ladder instead of a river I would be much easier in my mind.

The dreams haven’t changed. I’m still happiest when being creative. For now, though I’m content to be here and look forward to whatever God has in store for this next season.

Oh… and tonight I remembered to bring my juice home from work. My brain hasn’t rotted yet!




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