I am NOT sick!

18 02 2010

Hello everyone, Meghan here. I’m currently holding the sofa in our bonus room down by main force. For those of you who don’t speak Meghan that means “I’m laying on the couch”. I’m not sick but am fighting off any sickness with as much water as I can drink and vitamins. Lots of vitamins.

Basically I have a major pluggage of my sinuses. The kind that means you can’t even use a nasal saline rinse because there’s nowhere to “rinse” anything to. Hope that’s not TMI but at least now you know how to pray for me.

Other than that I’m living in a creative vortex. If I’m not playing piano or painting I’m drawing or writing. The only thing that impedes the flow is the fact that my brain is functioning sub-par these days. I think my sinus pressure is beginning to squish my brains. Poor brains.

So there you go. My life in three paragraphs. Story coming later today.



2 responses

18 02 2010
Jennifer James

Maybe you should load up on some Sudafed, the good kind that they make meth out of, to loosen your sinuses enough to rinse them.

Or steam your face, then rinse. Also, I love you.

19 02 2010

Oh man, I feel you on that sinus thing. Hate it when the rinse doesn’t work.

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