I need a studio

25 01 2010

At the risk of sounding like a COMPLETE hermit/anti-social, I am in desperate need of a place to work undisturbed. Maybe it is artistic immaturity, but the knowledge that at any moment someone could come into the room completely ruins my “zone”. It’s not just about not being talked to- it’s about the constant tension of anticipated interruption.

I liked my room in NC for that reason. No-one ever came in without asking first- they would never have thought of such a thing. Indeed, they rarely came in anyway.

I don’t have a space like that here. I could use my room but my room is taken over by an enormous bed. There is the little studio in the corner of dad’s office but it’s dad’s office and he won’t let me oil paint in there. (Nor would I be comfortable doing so even if he didn’t object since the whole room is carpeted and the light isn’t great.) The garage is too cold and people go in and out all the time.

It may not sound like a big deal to have undisturbed space but it’s very important. At least, it’s important if I even want to become serious about art. (And since there’s nothing else to which I am as much inclined as art and I have all kinds of time in which to be serious….)


The Lord has a plan, and I have an eye on a basement room at Union Hill….




One response

26 01 2010
Jennifer James

Why not just buy some blinders, some fingerless gloves, some Bose sound cancelling headphones and paint in the garage anyway? It’s the best spot. A space heater would keep you warm.

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