Life After

16 01 2010

Life is full of afters. In fact, every moment you live is a moment after something.

The good news is that same moment is simultaneously a moment “before”.

The best news is that each moment exists. You can live in it, breathe in it, make choices. Laugh, cry or rage as you must. I choose to laugh more often than I rage (but only slightly more than I cry) because that is who I am. Let me tell you, it’s a darned good way to live.

I’m not always the best at behaving as I should. Sometimes I’m snarky and sometimes I am so mad that I can’t see straight and often I am wounded by things that shouldn’t really bother me. This is my weakness. But we of the Union Hill persuasion decided tonight that crap is alright as long as you own it. So I’m owning it! I’m not a saint and I’m not an angel and people are exhausting.

“So bring your crap. We compost!”

Also “Qaplah!”

Someone asked me recently what I would be doing in Seattle, would I be going back to all my “secular activities”. The answer is yes! Secular activities are how you earn paychecks which let you follow your dreams. I’m back to tutoring and working at the theatre. Hoping to earn enough to go to Patricia King’s acting school in March. It’s a two month intensive program in Phoenix. In the meantime I’m in an art group with a girl at work, I’m starting dance lessons again in February and I’m going to finish my book by September. It’s about the dream(s). Oh and did I mention that I am actively pursuing work in the independent film industry in Seattle?

My sister mentioned tonight that she wanted to know “What the Lord wanted them to be doing”. Barry countered by “You know who has lists of things to do? Servants.” And he was right! Sons and daughters get to pursue dreams. It’s one of the Bethel pastors that says “You always have a green light unless it’s red.”


But the best part of my life this week is having my family in town. ALL of them! My nephew and I spend hours cuddling while I sing him songs. After which we throw his fancy blocks into the big cardboard box and squeal loudly. My sis and I eat food and read books and talk about how the babies are completely amazing. (We are taking it for granted that Riker will be just as amazing as Caden- because he will.) Aaron and I drive around the Pacific Northwest until we find a likely looking spot for him to do photography. At which point I dance around to keep warm and pray that the rain will abate. (It doesn’t).

It’s grand. I love my family. I love my life. LIFE IS FUN!




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