Oh what a way to spend the day!

29 12 2009

I think the best thing a person can do for themselves is to occasionally spend an entire day doing just as they like. I took one of those days today after having been metaphorically smooshed by a combination of non-stop socialization and an overworked brain.

The forenoon was spent praying, reading, sitting in the corner of my bedroom and texting with James as he took the manly responsibility of organizing a trip to the movies. We didn’t end up going to the movies and the praying had little apparent effect on the aforementioned overworked brain so I went for a walk. The walk was MUCH more productive in that the Lord said “Give it a rest!” and I said “oh. Ok!” I am therefore not going to even DISCUSS North Carolina again until January 5th. If you ask me about it I will politely change subjects so don’t bother asking.

In the afternoon I read and snoozed and played with my cat. The evening was spent in what we call “poozling”- a verb form of “puzzle” much used in the Mansour and Smith households. Mother and I also watched Julie and Julia and I drew some more.

The latter part of my day has been spent alternately eating things that aren’t good for me and reading my new (super intense) cook book. Did you know that stock pots are tall and thin so that the liquid boils up through the bones and vegetables and also to limit evaporation? Or that you aren’t supposed to just leave stock alone? You need to check it every hour or so to make sure it’s not too hot. Or that you aren’t supposed to STIR the stock more than three times during the first hour because it will make your stock cloudy?  Also cut your bones small and put in a little salt so the albumin is drawn out of the bones. And skim! Skim skim skim! Side note- what the crap is “albumin”?

Tomorrow: Avatar and Fond Brun or “Brown Stock”. Need to stop by the butcher for some veal bones….




One response

29 12 2009
Jennifer James

wow that cookbook sounds intense, like camping. *tent hand motion*

Also, let me know what you think of Avatar.

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