Count the Months…

22 12 2009

Or better yet, count the days. How long has it been since I wrote a meaningful “this-is-what-is-going-on-in-my-life” update? At least a month and probably two.

I’m not sure if it is possible to become a hermit at twenty-two but I can feel myself slipping that direction. People make me tired even when I am enjoying being around them and a cabin in the forest sounds better and better. It must be that I have some kind of call on my life that will involve some kind of counseling or love-you-into-wholeness business. There is no other reason for the fact that I reject calls more often than I take them and my happiest days are spent quietly at home.

The long and short of it is that I don’t know if my wishes for solitude are valid but the ARE and they are a large part of why I never update. My life in NC is… complex… and by the time my day boils down to time for blogging the thoughts I wish to express are not wholly positive. Not blogging is my way of being fair to the people I live with.

My dreams are as they ever were… I want to make movies and to travel and to write and to finish my B.A. and get my Masters. I want money to bless people and the companionship of kindred spirits. I want quiet and forests and mountains and Love. I want to know God and be known by Him.

If I could I would move to the Oregon or Washington Coast, work in a bookstore and take acting lessons.

For now I am home in Seattle. Loving it and waiting for God to give me a good reason to go back to NC. I’m sure He will if I’m meant to return.




One response

22 12 2009

Thank you for the update. I miss your blogs and I can relate too well. I am so glad for my hug. I hope I get another before you return. P.S. Clayton put together a NZ/Fiji book for me. YOU are in it. 🙂

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