Letters to My Sister (2)

4 12 2009

What you are going to read today is something called “The Letter Game”. It operates on the basic principle of two characters, separated for some reason, writing letters to one another. Jennifer (my sister) and I decided to play together as a way to pass time and work out our writing muscles. So bookmark both my blog and hers and prepare for the adventure. I’ll be posting on Tuesday’s, Jennifer on Wednesday’s or Thursday mornings. Enjoy

Danika Cain
Pass # 26572
S.S. Sumpter
out of New Haven
bound for Planet 6 Beta


It took them an entire day to get your letter. It had to pass through four levels of security and they would only deliver it to me in the Di-Level Lab. And that’s including the normal Com lag. Honestly I’m not sure what they think I would be communicating to a mid-level ship’s cook that could harm IG. Or what you would be saying to me that would be worth a government agent’s time! We should have taken more encryption classes as kids. Then they’d REALLY have to work at it.

Honestly, I expected the regs to be different working for a multi national company like IG. It’s not like being in the Force or working at the University. But it really is terrible sometimes. These people are determined to maintain control over every nuance of  security. Right down to personal letters between siblings. Couldn’t we talk to the Colonel about it? He told me that going through IG would be best but if it’s going to take them an entire day to decide that your description of Passes is harmless then something needs to change! But I guess IG is pretty tied into government these days and government is nothing if not paranoid. I am not yet resigned but I’m sure I will be.

Oh! Before I forget I have to tell you that last night I dressed up incognito and visited the restaurant. I wore my dark glasses, my cranberry-coloured dress (in case I spilled wine on myself) and an old-fashioned trench coat with the most excessive collar. Craig seated me at a very nice table- the one by the honeysuckle vines- and didn’t recognize me a bit. The food was excellent, though the balsamic reduction was lacking your finesse. I ordered the chocolate cake for dessert and was very pleasantly surprised. I know you had so much trouble with Herr Von de Gould for a while there. Angelo seems to have tamed his wilder fancies and our German friend outdid himself. As a pastry cook he is finally coming in to his own!

I made it almost all the way through the meal without being discovered. Unfortunately Angelo came out of the kitchen to talk with someone and saw me. He recognized my dress- having spilled wine on it a time or two himself- and immediately unmasked me. I spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen with them all, drinking beer and toasting Herr Von de Gould. We got a bit silly by the end of the evening and Craig and Angelo both walked me home. When I left them at the gate they were arguing about which one was the least drunk and therefore best able to take the other one home. For all I know they are still there!

Speaking of food, I was not in the least surprised at the idea of you impressing the crew with cheese sandwiches. Give you a decent loaf of bread and a smidgeon of cheddar and a thing of beauty will arise! I should have sent you with a tool kit instead of three spare hairbrushes and my favorite slippers. Sounds like it would be more practical in addressing those “faulty pilot lights”. Isn’t there a pilot to light them for you? Or is he too busy steering the ship? (ha ha.)

What are you carrying as cargo? Nothing bound for the Katari I imagine, since you said that you have cows in deep-freeze. The Katari monks would never buy anything from a ship that had carried flesh. And since the monks are the only ones with money the Katari as a culture are out trade-wise. So what is it? Gold? Water? And who are you selling to?

And I did get your recipe book. Just. I hadn’t checked my drop box in ages and there it was! I made the acorn squash soup with buttermilk rolls for dinner tonight. And it’s a good thing you are exercising because I most certainly am not. Sometimes I climb the ladder to the roof and star-gaze but that’s about it.

And the most curious thing… I would never have checked my box if you hadn’t reminded me and if I hadn’t checked my box I would never have received (what do you think?!) a certain invitation… Yes sister you heard me right- AN INVITATION!  You of course will understand that that in itself is impressive. But the fact that it was an invitation to the Force Reserve Annual Charity Auction makes it the most exciting piece of script since my diploma! It’s quite the to-do, you know and I am terribly excited. I have a feeling that your friend Samantha had something to do with it. Major Generals should not use their power to make sure ex- second lieutenants have places to go on Saturday night but I am not complaining. I’m going to get a new dress I’ve been eyeing and make it a real Cinderella night. I’ve got some spare scrips and am aching to spend them frivolously. (Unless you think I should go in uniform….?) Reply fast so I know what to do.

One last thing… I’ve heard rumor on the Com that a couple of my associates are on your ship. One I knew from University- a burly fellow named Lars with a penchant for mechanical things. If he is onboard try not to mention nanotechnology. He looks like an oaf but he’s a Swedish genius and will bore you to death. The other is a girl I knew on the Force. Red hair, brown eyes, surname Blankoff. Knew her barely. Recognized the face on the Com and the broadcaster mentioned the Sumpter.

I should really end now. I’ve got to get up for work tomorrow and the cactus is in desperate need of non-watering.

All my love,


P.S. I’ve just remembered that you asked about Hank. Let’s just say that after the incident with the chicken he never came back. It’s almost a shame until I remember that his side burns were uneven and he hated my fingernails. I assume he’s still working at the University, poor thing.

P.P.S. No new books about “you know what” I’ve been scanning the com channels every chance I get. I’ve even used secure lines at work a couple of times. I’ll forward you notice as soon as I hear something.




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4 12 2009
Letters to My Sister « Just East of West

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4 12 2009
Jessica Clark

I am just so excited to be some kinda intergalactic voyeur up in all these conversations…

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