Letters to My Sister

1 12 2009

What you are going to read today is something called “The Letter Game”. It operates on the basic principle of two characters, separated for some reason, writing letters to one another. Jennifer and I decided to play together as a way to pass time and work out our writing muscles. So bookmark both my blog and hers and prepare for the adventure. (Note that, this is the very first letter. Her reply will be posted to her blog some time in the next two days.)

Danika Cain
Pass # 26572
E.S. Sumpter
out of New Haven
bound for Planet 6 Beta

Dear Dani,

Greetings traveler!

I’m sorry that I’m so late getting this letter off to you. I know I promised to write every week but it’s been chaos around with work and the Fleet launch and whatnot. Plus I haven’t corresponded off-world in three years and the regs have changed. If you hadn’t written down your exact contact info and given me the card of that nice Ministry fellow you would have had to wait forever for this letter.

The regs really did give me a devil of a time. When I was corresponding with that nice man on P9 Theta during school things were ever so much more simple. I think the Fleet launch gave the government delusions of grandeur. If I hear one more fat goat telling me about how Earth is now a “true military force in the ‘verse- something to be reckoned with” I shall throw your lovely cactus at the screen.

Don’t worry. I wouldn’t actually throw your cactus at anything. It’s such a nice specimen and much too heavy to throw. The terrarium and potted herbs are flourishing though your fish look rather ill. The cat is doing fine. I do wish you would have left the cat with Angelo, or even taken it with you. Cats are immune to the Plague and I’m sure this cat would do very well in an airless environment! Don’t worry, though, regardless of my own feelings about the hairy devil I shall keep him alive until you come back- even if it kills me.

My new job is going along wonderfully. International Genetics’ business has quadrupled since the Fleet launch. Everyone and their brother wants to go into space and we’re the fastest testing facility Earth-side. (Which is all that counts since an untested person could hardly get to Jupiter Station- even if they wanted to!)  I never thought I’d say this but the Plague is the best thing to happen to the field of genetics since they tried mapping the human genome.

My lab is the primary diagnostic lab for our branch of the company. We have 29 geneticists (including myself!), 42 lab assistants and the entire top floor of IG. It’s worth the long hours and tedium for the view. Floor to ceiling glass and the whole city spread out beneath you!

Oh but my boss! A horrid, sniveling, velvet-skinned creature with damp eyes and frowsy hair. He has this habit of padding around the lab silently, then coming to stand right behind you where he breathes over your shoulder (or in the general direction of your elbow if you are me) until the undulating draft of damp air gets your attention. He never says anything but “oh!”, “really?” and “hmmm”.  I’m told he was a brilliant geneticist and a University teacher but I have my doubts. More likely he is related to or blackmailing someone on the Board.

Luckily, (and I thank two tours of duty in the military and high aptitude tests for this) I’m sure that my Security Clearance is higher than his. At least, I’ve never seen him in the Di-level data entry areas. I only ever get breathed on in the actual lab.
I hope I’m not boring you with work details. I haven’t been in the City long enough to have much of a life outside of work and terra firma isn’t nearly as romantic as space I’m sure.

And before you get all big-sister on me I HAVE been attempting social activities. I went to an Ultimate Tennis game last Saturday, took three walks in the greens and went out to dinner twice. By myself both times, though, so I’m not sure the dinners count as “social”.

All my love to your. Can’t wait to hear your adventures. I hope your belly-button survived intact.

Your Sister

P.S. You better have some good stories. Anyone particularly horrid or particularly dashing on your ship? What did you end up doing? (I know there was some debate about what your duties would be…. )




3 responses

3 12 2009
Jennifer James

This is a ridiculous amount of fun. I love you.

– Your sister in real life and in fiction

3 12 2009

You are right and I love you.
-Your sister in every medium

4 12 2009
Letters to My Sister « Just East of West

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