I had a dream

5 10 2009

I had a dream that I would write a meaningful and informative blog update for you all. Sadly it’s not going to happen. It took us ten hours to get out of the house and to a place with internet and aforementioned place is only open for another 22 minutes. Sorry everyone. Maybe during down time tomorrow I will write a better update and then just post it next time I am near a wi-fi signal.

Among the things that Tess, Sue and I deem necessary is our own secure wi-fi network. Once we actually move into a place we will get that set up. 

Oh yeah. We still don’t have a home. It’s less traumatic than it sounds. Tess and I are living with the Carr family. I help Laurie do school with the young ones and Tess is also helpful. We figure we’re saving money in the long run. 

And Carina is taping episodes of Castle for us to watch upon my return. Therefore all is well. 

Hope things are good with all ya’ll. Feel free to call anytime. I don’t do much around here and therefore I have LOTS of phone-chatting time on my hands. Much love.




2 responses

10 10 2009
Father Smith

Love to you my dear…missing your face. May the Favor of the Lord rest upon you this fine day. I made a BIG bonfire in the back yard…it made your Mom worried (I thought it was awesome). Love

12 10 2009

MIss you… and no pressure on the amazing blog… I will surely post one soon… I hope you catch it 🙂

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