Thanks Guys!

29 09 2009

Who knew you could get presents just for heading out of town?! All my extra family has blessed me with material objects to carry along on my trip. I’ve got a rocking scarf, two pictures by my back-up sister Rachel and my brother James, cookies from Barry, lavender from Granny and Tom and a tea pot from Stacie.

Not to mention the AWESOME measuring cups and spoons from the Harris family. 

So thanks everyone! I am now equipped to be warm while drinking tea (which was carefully measured out), smelling lavender, looking at pretty pictures and eating delicious cookies. Thanks to my parents my face will be clean and my skin soft. 

It’s a really beautiful world. 


Though I’ve had minor freak-outs over the past days I AM excited about going. The excitement comes and goes as the vision comes and goes. Sometimes it’s foggy and all I see is separation-from-parents panic. At other times the skies clear and I remember sitting in hotel halls chatting with all these hysterical, kind and artistic people.

It’s ok to leave home. It’s ok to go away for short times and have adventures. It’s ok to sit on the beach and not worry about tomorrow. It’s ok to hold babies and watch movies and walk and snack and talk to people wiser than me. And it’s good to offer who I am and what I have to people that might need The Angel of Laughter or the crazy-organizer or the Ultimate Napping Champion. 

I will leave you with a quote from The Office (since it’s on the TV right now)…

“You are a real-life wedding crasher and I must bounce you.” 





2 responses

30 09 2009

We will miss you girl… can’t wait to read the blogs to come… I know they will be filled with so much joy and revelation from God! In your words: Loves.

4 10 2009
Father Smith

Its actually the…Angel called Humor:)

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