Ah… THAT’S why!

27 09 2009

I had the best night at work, which is slightly ironic since it was my last night at work. That wonderful group of people down at Village Theatre blessed me so much. From my boss I recieved a bouquet of beautiful flowers, from the cast/crew/box office I received chocolate and quite the loveliest card. Combine those things with getting a free meal of crab cakes and french onion soup from the wonderful owner of the restaurant next door and you have a happy Meghan. THEN top all of THAT with one of my paintings being hung front and center in the aforementioned restaurant and I could just melt down and ooze out under the doors from pure love.

Plus there were hugs. Lots of hugs. Many hugs and well-wishes from the truly beautiful people that it has been my privilege to know. I tried to express my appreciation for all of them in the form of raisin/craisin bread and big smiles. I tried NOT to cry while reading my card. You can bet that thing is coming with me to NC. 

As I was driving home I was reflecting on why such simple expressions of affection would touch me so deeply. Then it hit me- it doesn’t often happen that I am on the receiving end of gestures of appreciation and love. Not because people are heartless and cruel or because I love better than other people, but because there are few lovers in the world. Rachel being the one great exception in my life. (I exclude family from this entirely, you guys love me great!) I just don’t think that many people sit around and think “I bet so-and-so would love if I did _____”. It makes me want to just run around blessing everyone I can get my hands on.

But in the meantime I am going to enjoy four years of faithful service in the form of nice notes, flowers and chocolate. 

Let me know if I can bless you1




2 responses

28 09 2009
Jennifer James

Remember that one time I bought you a movie and you also bought it for yourself?

28 09 2009

You have a gift my friend… it was so wonderful to see you…

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