Training Day

18 09 2009

Tonight was my fourth night of work on “Chasing Nicolette”, the latest show at Village Theatre. Let me tell you, if you like funny and entertaining plays (especially when occasionally there is song and dance) you would LOVE this show. I’ve only heard it four times and I’m already singing the songs to myself when I wake up in the morning. 

Tonight was my second night training our new lobby attendant. He is an earnest perfectionist who, at the end of the evening, looked at me and said “you are so vibrant and energetic. It’s amazing!” The poor kid was tuckered out after a long week of school and a couple late nights at work. 🙂

I like Village, I like the people there, I’m sad to be leaving them during this particular show. Boring shows I leave gladly, good shows are a bit heart-wrenching if I miss part of the run. 

Last night I went to my first opening night party in Issaquah. I chatted it up with box office associates, carpenters, techies, reporters, actresses and everything in between. I drank water and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed myself. (It helped that my vintage backless blue silk dress was a big hit. I’m a sucker for a few decent compliments.) It was another night of strangers asking me if I am an actress and seeming shocked when I answer “no”. I’m about ready to become and actress just so I can stop having this conversation. I got some pictures with Ned (the wardrobe mistress) who was also wearing a vintage gown. She’s short and dark and I’m tall and fair and when one of the actors passed us he dubbed us Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly and the names stuck. (Such things happen when you have a restaurant full of tipsy theatre people.)

So tonight I shall go to bed singing either “If you won’t give me a lifetime/ my lifetime is now” or “there once was a man, old love, cold love/ and I will sing his song/ he fancied a maid with the fancy of youth/ and swore to love her life long, life long/ and swore to love her life long” or “Nicolette? Can you hear me?/ Can you hear me call your name?” Because that is part and parcel of this life I lead here in Issaquah.

 I’m preparing myself to say goodbye to VT and it’s bittersweet. 

Looking forward to new and better things.



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