16 09 2009

I forgot somewhere along the way why I love working at Village Theatre. It got lost in the swarms of little old ladies getting angry at me because the music was too loud, the cookies too pre-packaged, the sky too blue- whatever. Tonight I am proud to say I have remembered why it is that being a Lobby Attendant ROCKS.

Life advice from little old men. 


Today I had an old man ask me why I wasn’t married. (Don’t ask me how it came up, it would take too long to tell you.) My response was something silly, I’m sure. Then it happened- he fixed me with one slightly reddened eye and said “I had a baby by the time I was your age!! You better hurry, miss! You’re biological clock is ticking!” 

Oh NO you DIDN’T! 

I haven’t had to try that hard not to laugh in a really long time. In black and white it looks like it should have been super offensive but it really wasn’t. It was bizarrely nice…

The conversation was peppered with little strange-sounding but kind moments. Like when he found out that I was an artist, considered for a moment and told me that I’d “better find a rich fella”. Or when I jokingly told him about my two former proposals (yes, I have been proposed to twice by two different guys) and he got very sincere and said “No. You need the pick of the litter, and you’ll know. You’ll KNOW.”

He made it better by  following that up with “But you’re pretty, you’ll luck out. Or some guy will.” 

Seriously. I love my job.




5 responses

17 09 2009
granny the great

Well— he doesn’t know the half of how wonderful you are!!!! 🙂

17 09 2009

Thanks granny! I love my little old people patrons. They keep life very interesting. Tonight is opening night so I’ll be all dolled-up and the old folks will want to know if I’m “really that tall or just standing on something”.


17 09 2009

THAT IS SO AWESOME! i LOVE THAT STORY… I can see his face… what a great short film that would make 🙂

17 09 2009

Oh my goodness. It WOULD make a great short film. Ha ha ha! I would show up for that project.

18 09 2009
Jennifer James

Meghan that’s hilarious. I suppose all our biological clocks are ticking, in a fashion. Mine ticks very slowly tho, if that’s encouraging. My midwife called me a crock pot.

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