My legs! My legs! My kingdom for new legs!

15 09 2009


That’s my one overwhelming feeling just now. I’m sitting on the couch with a heating pad on my chest and a hand-made blanket covering my poor, tired gams. (“Gams” is an archaic slang term for legs, just so ya know).  The heating pad is because it’s cold in the house and I’m not allowed to turn on the heat. I’m not allowed to turn on the heat because Dad hasn’t cleaned the filters yet and he wouldn’t like it if I did it for him. The blanket is for pure heart-comfort.

I woke up this morning absolutely determined to spend some time with Jesus. It’s hard for me to sit in one place and just “commune”. So I laced up my running shoes and headed out for a walk with an apple to eat on the way. It is easiest for me to have good processing time with Him while walking, especially through wooded areas. About three quarters of the walk had elapsed before I was so frustrated with my hamster-on-a-wheel mind that I actually mentally formed the words “this is frustrating. I can’t concentrate on any one thing. My brain keeps bouncing between subjects.” The reply (for lack of a better term) was immediate. “You are one of those people.”

Great. So I’m one of those mentally spastic people that peruse fifteen subjects at once. I sort, file, determine and choose all almost simultaneously. It’s frustrating because it seems inefficient. 

Point being, I went on an hour-long walk. On that walk I had good time with Jesus. 

Then THE PROJECT began. Today I completely emptied my room, removed everything off of the walls and changed all my furniture around. It may not seem like much so let me put it in perspective.

I am a pack rat. My cat throws up under my bed. The aforementioned bed is queen-sized. My bookcase is FULL (the contents are now lining two walls of the upstairs hallway) and stands seven feet tall. To move the bed at all you have to run from side to side shifting the bed bit by bit. Imagine Speedy Gonzales turned into a furniture mover. The only difference between Speedy and me is that Speedy had an animator and all I’ve got is my legs. Man that bed is HEAVY.  Add to all of that the fact that if you want to shift the bed in a straight line you have to crouch down in a kind of strong-man pose and grunt deeply in order to gather the requisite strength and you should have the picture. I don’t know what I would have done if I were one of those skimpy-legged anorexic-type girls. 

Thank you Jesus and ballet for my preternatural leg strength.

At one point I collapsed on the only free horizontal upstairs space- my parent’s bed. Semi-buried beneath a pile of two room’s worth of pillows and mildly grossed out by my own furniture-moving smell I fell asleep. So thorough were my snoozes that I slept through a phone call and only slightly remember my cat standing on my chest yowling at the top of her lungs. 

More cleaning followed. I’m making good progress. Tomorrow will be “Murphy’s Oil Soaping The Walls” day, followed by “Bonus Chore! Re-spotting the Carpet Hour”. Then all my stuff has to, of course, be moved BACK into my room and arranged so as to be welcoming for guests. My room will be the alternate guest room while I’m in NC. 

Also, I had dinner with my pseudo-siblings, the Mansours and chatted with Sue about new potential houses. 

It’s been a full day. The good news is that I’ve been accomplishing stuff! The bad news is that I still smell ever so slightly like a goat…

(Aren’t you glad you’re only reading about this and not actually living it?!)




2 responses

15 09 2009
Jennifer James

I would love to be there and watch you move furniture. I would snooze with you! Team snoozes!

15 09 2009

Team snoozes! Tag-Team snoozes! You snooze while I move furniture and I’ll snooze while YOU move furniture. Happy day.

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