On the Brink

14 09 2009

I sit. I sat. I shall be sitting.

(And that is how NOT to begin a blog post. It has no hook, no zing, no pep. Blame the late hour because normally I am really very creative.)

I spent a really lovely couple of days on the Olympic Peninsula this past week visiting my best friend and her husband. They’ve just moved into a new house a few streets up from their last place. The greatest feature of said house is an extraordinary closet/tunnel between two of their rooms. I got to sleep at the top of a house surrounded by trees and buried beneath four (count ’em!) blankets. Oh happy day(s). 

One of the highlights of the trip was having coffee with Stacie’s mother in law- an extraordinary Dutch woman whose generosity is only exceeded by her bravery. Apparently it’s not just my father who gets repeatedly beaten up by “the church”. While the two cases are not the same, they certainly run along parallel lines. I won’t go into either story, as they aren’t my stories to go into, but I found it a wonderful time. Mrs Van de Weghe (the elder) has some really unique and thought-provoking wisdom to share about the role of women in the church and what the Lord really expects from women that is different than the expectations He has for men. For example, we talked about how the Bible tells women to cover their hair during prayer and prophecy. I wish I had her written notes on the subject, since she had studied it extensively and I never have, but it was very provoking. (In a good way.)

That combined with some successful shopping and driving around the Olympic Peninsula- the most beautiful part of our state as far as I am concerned- plus making cookies and having laughs with Stacie and Joe made for a great trip. 

In other news…

I realized Friday night that I am moving. It actually sunk in that in two short weeks I will have packed my belongings, shipped a box full of stuff and MOVED TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY. AAAAHHHHH!!! I AM MOVING AWAY!!! 

And I don’t even own measuring cups. 

Ya know, you ask the Lord for the coolest life He can come up with and He actually does it. He makes a story for you that is so extraordinarily cool and scary that you just want to hide under your bed with the fuzz and forgotten socks and tupperware crates full of children’s books. But I don’t actually get to say “no” any more than I get to hide under my bed for the rest of my life. I’m not the person who would ever be able to turn down the opportunity for the adventure I’ve asked for. Normalcy is not for me. 

That said, my brain is not functioning at optimal efficiency these days. Everything sort of floats on the surface like an oil slick on a beach. The waves roll in but the oil just stays on the top, dirtying the underbellies of sea birds and making funny patterns in the sunlight. That’s me. Underbelly-dirtying-lack-of-processing. 

On the up side, I’m slowly chipping away at my “to-do” list. Susan’s painting is progressing nicely, I have my box-to-ship increasing in weight daily, I’ve purchased a lighter fall coat that Stacie says will “help [me] fit in with all those rock stars” and I’ve learned to play chess. (Playing chess wasn’t on the list…)

I have new evening hobbies that are very happy. The first of them is that I rearrange furniture in an attempt to catch the ENORMOUS fly that has taken up residence. He tends to get behind the shutters which are behind the couch. Or the blinds behind my Dad’s chair. It’s good exercise and fairly entertaining. The second hobby is drinking a half gallon of water every night some time before bed. I’m not nearly done with that quota at this moment- late night coming! Sometimes I also fry polenta at eleven o’clock….

Tonight was the first night of the new show at Village Theatre. The show’s not actually open yet. It was Friends and Family; a sort of dress rehearsal that is thoroughly enjoyed by all. The bad news is I had to work so I didn’t get to see the show. The good news is that Jay Markham (The Boss) said I should come back on Tuesday night for the final dress rehearsal and bring lots of friends! If anyone is in the area and wants to go just let me know. I’m supposed to bring lots of people! It’s a funny musical comedy that you will thoroughly enjoy!!!

The big event of the evening at work was either a)disinfecting the entire lobby and every hand rail in the theatre or b) the woman with the eye patch whose husband stole coffee from me and who proceeded to try and do the same thing a few minutes later. 

I’m looking forward to getting a new job in NC. 

I’m watching Julia Child on public television and thinking about how much I want to make movies. It still bums me out that they’re making the next “Narnia” movie without me. Maybe I should go to school and finish my degree so that I can be an official Art Director…?

Ok. I think that’s enough rambling. My word count was up to 888 at last count. I think that’s significant… New Beginnings, New Beginnings, New Beginnings…..




4 responses

15 09 2009

An oil-slicked brain sounds pretty uncomfortable.

15 09 2009

I mean comfortable.

15 09 2009

If you are comparing an oil-slick brain to a brain filled with sharp metallic objects then yes, it is comfy. If you compare it to a well-functioning brain you will see that it is not at all to be desired.

17 09 2009
granny the great

i have one question. How many times do you get up in the night after drinking your one-half gallon of water?

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