Info that has come in handy today

31 08 2009

Here is a list of information that I am glad I had ready-to-hand on this day:

The formula for the area of a trapezoid

That “titanium” and “stainless steel” are two different finishes on appliances

Fire ant bites are not deadly (though they are darned painful)

My own e-mail address

How to be a banker for a board game. LIFE is hard to play if you can’t count

How to do long division and how to reduce square roots 

Who Nathan Fillian is

How to safely cross a street in dim lights

How to be thankful when God provides (which He is doing all the time)

Who wrote “Cat Among the Pigeons”

And last but not least… that the episode of Next Generation where Timothy wants to be an android like Data ends well. 

It’s been a good day, and Glory comes tomorrow!




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