Painting Wish List

30 08 2009

When I move to Wilmington I am going to set up a semi permanent studio.  One of my desires that has lately turned into a dream, is to paint in oils. I have a set of oil paints that is very old and of dubious quality. Combine that with a landlord who (while a perfectly marvelous human being) complains about the scent of said oil paints and you me not painting in oil. The whole thing is made tragi-comic by the fact that I use scent-less solvents. It’s the paints themselves that smell. 

Anyway, my desire to paint in oil has spurred something of a wish list in my brain. It’s a list of art supplies that I either want badly or actually need if I am going to be even slightly serious about being a working artist. I though I’d share it with you all, just for fun. 

The List

Water Miscible Oil Paints


Easels (at least three, preferably one french easel and two A-frame easels)

Cork board to coat the walls so I can hang my mini art collection, sketches and photo references

A new set of brushes for Oil/Acrylic 

And big windows with southern exposure

Plus there’s about a zillion books that I want, but I’m not planning on expanding my reference book library until I know where I’m going to land for some extended period of time. Moving books is difficult.

So there ya go! Join me while I sit back and watch God provide it all1




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