The Unreal Day

29 08 2009

Sometimes you get to the end of a day and you think “Huh. I wonder if someone wrote this as a piece of fiction and we just got to live it.” 

And honestly, for the kind of day this was I think I handled myself well. Not perfectly- but well. 

Glad it’s over. Glad each day is new. 

Gonna go rub garlic on my face.




4 responses

30 08 2009
Jennifer James

Are you really going to rub garlic on your face? What does that accomplish?

30 08 2009

It’s a home remedy for acne and it works like a charm. Seriously. Can’t believe we’ve been shelling out $ for so many years for prescription acne meds.

31 08 2009

LOL! You’re the best…

1 09 2009

Thanks Jenny! Hope work is easy and pleasant today.

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