Art, Union Hill and back home

28 08 2009

I never grew up thinking about art as a way of making a living. At the same time, I cannot and never could, separate my artistic abilities from who I am as a person. Art was breathing. Simple, natural, and essential, but not something I would have thought of as profitable. 

Then I sold a painting. (Thank you God and Chad-in that order). Then I got to go on tour with a bunch of really amazing people because they wanted me to paint during their worship sets. Then I sold 8 more paintings. Then I met Mr McDevitt. (Actually RE-met Mr McDevitt). 

I’d known his kids for years- we were all involved with Village Theatre’s Kidstage program. Only recently did I discover that McDevitt Sr is actually a “real” artist. He went to school for it and made his living at it. At least, he worked for a marketing and advertising company for years and recently “retired” to become a full time painter. His work ranges from watercolour miniatures of ballerinas on the beach to acrylic cows and oil nudes. His studio is large and full of reference material and books and easels and paintings in progress. We sat and talked and looked through his work and through my sketch books. It was one of the most encouraging mornings I have ever experienced art-wise. 

The best part is that Mr McDevitt (Michael McDevitt is his Christian name) is a believer. His family sincerely loves the Lord and we had a good pow-wow about the ramifications of being a Christian who is a fine artist. Of course many people have difficulty with the idea of a Christian painting and drawing the nude figure. Though I have never done true figure drawing myself I have no problem with it and we talked about what the Bible says on the subject and how to walk in purity etc. 

He suggested that I work more on my children’s book idea and gave me a few tips on how to go about it. We discovered a mutual love of whimsy too- his ballerinas on the beach and my tree-men for example. 

I was vastly encouraged and look forward to picking his brain some more in the weeks before I leave. We even kicked around the idea of him doing a commissioned ballerina painting for me which I would actually be the model for! We’ll see how it all turns out. 

In other news I’ve left my oh-so-comfy Union Hill home and have now returned to the Green House. Glad to have my cat back, though I wish she’d stop standing on me while I’M TRYING TO TYPE!!!

It’s almost September. I suppose that means I should pack or something…

Extra love to Jenny and Clayton tonight. You two have been much on my brain.




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