Thanks for Fridays!

21 08 2009

I like Friday nights. I must have some deep cultural awareness that Friday nights mean fun! While for some “fun” means general debauchery, for me it means movies or painting. Sometimes both. Tonight I have been able to paint, watch and old movie and play some Noah’s Ark on popcap games. 

Today we spent most of the day chatting with The Amazing Harris’. (All caps!) Then the necessary nap. This evening my parents are entertaining guests and, while I am certainly welcome downstairs, I usually end up in the office or the bonus room. I painted for a while tonight and have been chilling out ever since. 

I find I have a renewed interest in working on my book. It’s a heavy thing to dive into now since it is SO LONG. I’ve never attempted anything of this scope before and the very newness of it is challenging. 

I’m ready to have my own social circle. It’s getting a bit stale, not having options. Don’t get me wrong, I love my me-time. But when me-time is the only time you have it’s a different story. 

On the up side, I got to listen to two minutes of one of my favorite speakers- and it was LIVE! (Thank you MCarr and your handy dandy cellular telephone!)

Goodnight and good luck.




One response

24 08 2009

I’ll join your social circle! We love you so much! And of course I love the Murrow quote… You’re the best! Oh – hung out with Annie on Saturday night… funny small world…

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