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19 08 2009

The highlight of today was definitely NOT laying on an ugly green plastic-covered couch with one arm flung out having blood forcefully sucked out of my body. However, being me I was a huge hit with the woman who was kindly drawing the blood. The fact that she found a vein was cause for a wise-crack, the vial of blood she drew got a couple weak jokes and then it was over. Don’t worry, nothing major is going on, it is a simple food-allergy test. Believe it or not, having blood drawn is actually a great deal less painful that the normal poke-em-to-death allergy test. 

Over the past week I have settled on roommates for life in Wilmington, lost the house we were hoping to rent, and made a wish-list for our prospective house. I don’t know if it’s an encouraging sign that my roommates have begun the new house-hunt on Craig’s List. Luckily we have a good Papa who wants His daughters to have really nice stuff. 

Earlier tonight I had the realization that someday I actually will be making movies. It hurt my brain a little. 

Seriously though guys. I’m sorry for the lack of good posts. In my mind you all enjoy the really meaty here-is-what-life-is-really like posts and the little stories that I write. Wishing to have my brain attached to my spinal column won’t make it happen, though. The direct result of my lack of wheat, dairy, soy, nuts and eggs is a lack of creative juices. My most productive times are given over to a sort of lay-on-my-back-and-watch-a-movie torpor. (I mean of course theoretically productive times since they have been distinctly unproductive over the last seven days.) The one exception is that tonight I started a commissioned painting for my friend Hilary. The energy to do this I lay at the feet (er…crumbs) of a chocolate chip cookie that I ate. I broke my dietary restrictions but since I’ll have a definite answer about my food allergies tomorrow I didn’t think it much mattered. {Side note to Michael- You are right. Food does taste different and cookies are no longer delicious. It is a sick and twisted world that I have slipped into. How have you born it all this time?!}

Tonight I almost started work on my book again. Then I didn’t and wrote this instead. (If my best-selling book doesn’t get published for years and I starve you all better send me boxes of delicious foods!)

The sunset was really pretty tonight. Mom and I went on a walk and I felt like my neck would break from staring at the solid-gold clouds. 

Incidentally, I was hoping that with Erin safely married my brain would switch out of wedding mode. It doesn’t seem to have done so as completely as I had hoped. It’s quite annoying for a non-day-dreamer to suddenly slip off into “I hate white dresses and how can you get married in someone’s back yard in winter… perhaps a tent?” Really. I think it’s a sickness and if anyone can suggest a cure I would be MOST grateful. 

The most-viewed post on this site is still the one I wrote about goats. 

I’m going to live on Union Hill for a while next week. Looking forward to being close to the Mansours and the Prayer Room. 

Wish I could stop babbling and go to sleep but no such luck. I took a three hour nap today on accident. I’m pulling the plug, though. 





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19 08 2009

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