18 08 2009

Why is it that, in old movies, the girl always has ample time to do her hair, get dressed, put on heels, refresh her lipstick and drive to wherever the boy is in less time than it takes to sing one song?

Why do my wrists crack when the weather changes?

Why does my cat think that sticking her nose in my ear is a good idea?

Why don’t more people commit to one another and mean it?

Why are laugh lines so completely wonderful?

Why do I miss performing so much it hurts?

Why can some people raise one eyebrow, while others look like their are having an epileptic fit every time they try to do so?

Why do bridesmaids almost always look awful even when the bride’s intentions are good?

Why do some folks like staying up late, while others prefer early mornings?

Why do night owls marry early birds? 

Why not wear more color?

Why do Americans love pre-packaged food?

Why not admit that a life of convenience is as stale as three year old  saltines?

Why not just have a good cry?

All these questions and more… open to any answers that people want to submit.




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