Cover One Eye and REACH

29 07 2009

Today was an exceptionally busy, and record-breakingly WARM day. I spent the morning with my grandparents chatting, looking at my Grandpa’s HO scale model trains and talking about weddings. My grandmother has both her and my great aunt Ammie’s wedding dresses hanging in her closet. We pulled them out and they are exquisite. Almost breathtakingly lovely. She offered either of them to me when I get married (as well as the dress that my aunt and mother both wore).

What I would really like to do, though, is shorten my Grandma’s and wear it as my going-away dress. HER mother made it and it is cream and gold brocade. Beautiful. I wonder if she’d let me do that… My aunt Ammie’s was also beautiful but is a dark dusky rose color and FAR too short for me, I’m sure. It was cocktail length on her and I’ve got her beat by more than a few inches.

After that really pleasant visit I nannyed and took a trip to the Bellevue Regional Library. Either the weather has everyone cranky, the sun was blinding them or there was some kind of regional let’s-nearly-kill-Meghan-with-our-overpriced-vehicles-just-to-freak-her-out day. I got home with my vehicle, my sanity and my Pad Thai intact, though it was almost 7pm.

Far too late for dinner, btw.

(Oh and did I mention the 11 books I checked out for our beach trip…?)

At one point tonight I was sitting on our back porch just kind of staring out into space. My mom puts a bunch of potted plant arrangement on our back porch every summer, and this year she has a really cool one. For some reason I reached up and one of my eyes got covered for like a split second. I happened to be staring at the really amazing plant arrangments and the sudden loss of depth perception made the colors and composition POP. I put my hand back up and purposelly covered my eye for several long moments. I even tried to reach out and “grab” the plants.

I would love to make something really epic and deep out of the experience- to be honest if I could think of something deep I WOULD do just that. But really it was just a happy moment. In addition, it made me appreciate Dale Chihuly  just a little bit more. What a wonderful world he must live in- to create art without the usual limitations or benefits of depth perception. 

It made me want to paint. Which I did. At ten pm. While listening to really loud music. 

I also talked to my sister, texted with MCarr (which is how I picture his name in my mind), read my book, enjoyed the fact that the cleaners CLEANED MY ROOM AND MADE MY BED, and drank some fancy Italian lemon drink stuff. 

Now I’ve got the AC cranked up (down?) to 69 degrees in preparation for trying to sleep. Goodnight all. Much loves.




3 responses

30 07 2009
Jennifer James

oo oo oo I made it into a blog post!

And for the record, as I understand it, Dale hasn’t blown his own glass in YEARS. I think that would be pretty dangerous. I believe he directs minions and they handle the fire.

30 07 2009

I knew that he didn’t do the hands-on stuff. Somehow not knowing how close you are to the raging hot furnace while handling heavy glass seems not safe. Ha ha. But he does still draw and direct and create.

Of course you made it in! You are my bestest sister!

18 08 2009

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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