12 07 2009

You can’t define me
         Make a list of words
  Words like, “girl”, “painter”, “difficult”, “cold”, “funny”
    I could do the same for you
  But I won’t

The words are tiny fetters
    Miniscule chains for an immeasurable soul
Little boxes to pack away a personality
  And I won’t pack you away
Don’t you try to put me in a box, any box.

Or do.
    Do try.
You won’t succeed. You can’t win against my secret… 

I know something that you don’t,
   And it protects me
from all your coffin-shaped boxes.


 I fly.
There are no chains here.
No boxes.
So come on!
Come be with me in the sky- be free!
I’m inviting you out of your definitions
away from your comfortable confinement

It’s all up here.

come on 




5 responses

12 07 2009
Jennifer James

Ah, words to free a soul.

13 07 2009

I LOVE THIS! I hate boxes… evil, evil boxes… boxes full of rules and confining stipulations… I’ll come up there

13 07 2009

God once told me that all boxes are shaped like coffins.

You should make a T-shirt, Jenny.

29 07 2009
granny the great

I love this–and you.

16 08 2009

Mate… i miss you… i love your heart and the way you express it… freedom… flying free… adventure… man you are talking my lingo… and reminding me once again of my sweet delights… one day we will have an adventure of a lifetime… many places need to be explored and are waiting to be sought out… placed there especially by the greatest Creator so we could explore and be in awe of His mind blowing beauty even found in some of the smallest molecules.

anyways just wanted to appreciate Gods hand upon your life and i smile as i gaze upon one of His awesome creations… that being you.


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