11 07 2009

I’ve discovered something since Thursday- my happy place is when I am painting. 

And no, I’m not a total idiot for not figuring that out sooner. I’ve always enjoyed my art but I’ve only now reached the skill level to be able to rise above the ever-present frustration. Imagine how much of a release art is for even the beginner- now take away most of the fumbling and almost all of the frustration… that’s what it’s been like lately. 

The past couple days have been a combination of really difficult and really lovely. As always in my life, God drops little Moments into my lap to remind me that I’m loved, yet it has still been taxing. The weather was gray, my life is in transition, relationships are a strange balancing act and I’ve been mostly alone. 

Anyway, whenever things get really emotionally strange I either pray or paint. The two things are becoming more and more similar as the days pass. I can’t always get the words that would fit my prayer, but I can always get a picture that expresses what is going on. 

Since Thursday I have begun four paintings and finished four paintings. (One project from the past three weeks is finally done. Four new paintings were started and three of those are done.) I have quite a queue of work lined up and today found me painting on three separate occasions. On Thursday I discovered Jazz and so have had new music to help inspire the work. (We can credit the presets on my dad’s car for my discovery of Jazz…)

The last painting of today (yesterday?) was begun at 11:15 and finished just after midnight.  Both of my hands are covered in gold paint. Its created a really great pattern on a couple of my fingernails….

Point being, of the seven commissioned pieces I’m working on right now, four of them are done, the fifth is planned out, the sixth is a prophetic portrait and the seventh will tax all my abilities. 

God takes such good care of me! And I get to have fun through even the toughest days.




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12 07 2009
Mother Smith

You are an amazing artist!!

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