Of Dentists and Days

8 07 2009

Most of you know that I had two dentist appointments this week to get cavities filled and sealants replaced. Now, I have to tell you that these appointments inspired mostly shame. Why shame? Abject fear, I understand, is the usual reaction to dentistry. However, I LIKE dentists. I was ashamed because I obviously did something terrible or neglected my teeth in some hideous way. I brush my teeth three times a day, I floss, I stopped eating lemons. Why, God? WHY?

Dentistry is expensive and I am costing people money.

Anyway, my first appointment was Monday. Cue six (or was it eight?) shots of Novocain, two metal clamps shoved UNDER my gum line, drilling, filing and polishing. All while holding my mouth open for 1.5 hours. I really like dentists, especially mine, but it was actually faintly traumatizing. 

So I went back today, still swollen and raw-feeling. The state of my clamp-abused gums actually made both the dental hygenist and my dentist make faces and say “ow… that’s raw looking”. (Uh yes!) Luckily it made them re-think the rubber-dam-clamps of DEATH. Today’s appointment only lasted 45 minutes and they gave me a few ideas to promote healing of the sore tissue.

All this to say what? I would STILL rather go to the dentist than the doctor. Dentists kindly numb you before doing terrible things and they stay in one general area.

Also, I learned today that my cavities were not my fault. Really! Most people have cavities in their adult teeth from the time those teeth come in. Any number of things affect how long it will take for those cavities to break through and most folks get them fixed in adolescence.  My good dental habits actually prevented them from manifesting any sooner! Anyway, that helped with the shame aspect. 

Other than that its been a quiet day. Aren’t you glad I shared all this information  with you?




3 responses

11 07 2009

That’s what happened to me…. I never had any cavities till I got older… Weird. Glad you survived!

11 07 2009

I did survive. I little worse for the wear but my dentist did send me a thank you note. I think my parents just bought him another house.

12 07 2009
Mother Smith

well, at least a REALLY NIce set of new tires for his car!!! 🙂

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