The Last Few Weeks

5 07 2009

Note: My apologies to Michael for not updating sooner. 🙂 I believe Timothy once told me something about squeaky wheels getting whatever they want…

You know, I admire the people like Tracie Loux and my sister who can update every several days without fail. Sadly, my last couple of weeks have allowed for little other than work, sleep and laying around like a vegetable because I am too tired to do either. It’s taken me 48 hours of complete freedom and one hour long walk with Jesus but I’m back!

The nanny job has been an education, to put it mildly. Babysitting and nannying are two entirely different gigs and of the two, I much prefer nannying. Since the woman that I work for is home while I am there it is not a traditional nanny job. The kid’s mom comes up with schedules/ideas and I make it happen. Basically I chauffeur the kids around in their mother’s Acura MDX, make them healthy balanced lunches, tell them “no” a million times a day when they ask if they can have soda and/or candy and making sure we are ALL wearing lots of sunscreen. I’ve never been able to watch/participate in parenting like I have these last weeks and I am seriously taking notes. It’s a good paying job that allows me time to read, access to a private pool and an opportunity to learn. The Lord is very kind.

I sold a painting last week. One of the girls in the cast of Show Boat saw a drawing that she loved. She said “If you paint this I will buy it!” We talked about color but it was an informal conversation- no way of knowing if she really wanted the painting. I took a chance, painted it in about five days and delivered it to her. She doubled what I’d asked her to pay and requested two more. That brings me up to six commissioned pieces that I am working on now. The Favor of the Lord, seriously.  

The Move (yes it’s in all capitals) is much on my mind of late. Half of me wants to wait and see Chasing Nicolette on September 13th, the other half wants to just get on with it. It’s a big freaking leap into the unknown and let’s just have it over with!

I miss the Mansours. Not that I’ve had time even if they were in WA, but still…

This week I have no work but two appointments at the dentist. I take good care of my teeth but even my excellent habits could not hold off decay, or so it appears. Particularly when I have not visited a dentist for two years.  Monday and Wednesday will see me in the dentist chair. I don’t mind. Dentist are much less scary than doctors. 

I had a horrible nightmare last night- REALLY awful. However, I learned two things from it: 1) My worst nightmares are scary only because they are hopeless and 2) hopelessness is not a state I will ever experience in real life because I know Jesus. So a poor night’s sleep and a rather scarring dream were not without purpose. 

I will leave you with a quote from my Danny Kaye movie…

“Don’t speak of twigs when you look at an oak!”




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