Have you met Fredward?

23 06 2009

I have a candle in my bathroom. In the candle lives a tiny black and white striped jumping spider. That spider’s name is Fredward.

I found him last week and every time I look in that candle he is there. He’s only left once that I’m aware of and that only for a few minutes. Maybe he needed snacks.

Point being, I’m worried about the little guy. He can’t possibly be eating anything in there and even spiders need food sometimes. My theory is that he thinks that the candle (which smells oh-so-good) is a flower. Bugs like flowers. Hence, bugs have to show up at some point.

The problem with Fredward’s imaginary explanation is that the candle is NOT a flower and I VERY VERY rarely see even a single bug in my bathroom. Fredward is out of luck and I’m scared that in not too many days he’s gonna be out of life.

Tell me, how does one save a delusional jumping spider from himself?




2 responses

24 06 2009

You could try putting him in an actual flower… like in your backyard :)… That could help.. possibly?

24 06 2009
Jennifer James

Take the candle outside and deliver Fredward into the garden, where he can eat things to his delight that are certainly NOT candles.

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