For Father

20 06 2009

For Marcus Smith

In Honor of His 25th Year as a Father

Some of the Many Reasons We Love Dad


Submitted by Jennifer

Submarines and houses made of boxes

 Telling us “just one more story”

 That time Jennifer ran over the bush and you made her put the sign on the yard that said “killed by a hit and run 16 year old”

Daddy daughter dates at Sonics games, where you bought us coke and cotton candy

When you were at work, you would always take time to talk to us when we called, no matter what you were doing

That time when we were little, and you made us scrambled eggs and put salsa on them, and we though it was gross and wouldn’t eat it, you remade our eggs.

The Smith Family Opera


Submitted by Meghan

You made us French Toast in the mornings

You let us have a series of pets with grandiose names, names you reduced to one syllable


Chasing us up the stairs while pretending that you weren’t trying to scare us

That you pray for us every day

Encouraging our dreams

 Not making us take out the trash

Dirty sock fights

Being generally funny

Making wise cracks in church

 Scratching Isabelle’s ear canals when I’m out of town

Scrubbing a toilet better than anyone on the planet

The dead fat lady story

That you and mom never yell at each other

That you’ve never yelled at us

Any of “your girls” crying makes you upset

 You taught us to love the Three Stooges

Popcorn and orange juice IS the perfect combination

 Buying us art supplies, dance lessons and many books

 Being proud of us, no matter what

 Taking us to the dog park with Gus

 Disciplining us when we needed it, even though it wasn’t fun

 The creaky-door sound that always preceded an entrance by CAPTAIN BARNACLE

 Captain Barnacle

 Minnesota Slim and his monkey, Sara

 Noticing when we get our hair done or are dressed up

 Your incredible generosity

My Dad The Magnificent made you cry

You used to teach school, which is pretty awesome

Now you keep your temper at work, which is even more awesome

You spread gravel

You raised excellent children

You raised excellent children who raised excellent parents


 You done good Dad and we couldn’t say “I Love You” or “Thank You” enough times to express our feelings.






4 responses

21 06 2009
Jennifer James

Indeed daddy you are the most marvelous example of fatherhood. I know your childhood may have not been the ideal, but you rallied and persevered into putting your heart and soul into the raising of your children.

You were (and are) so patient and kind, even when I’m sure my behavior was breaking your heart. You never stopped praying for me, or us, or the man who’d become my husband and take over where you left off.

I thank God every day that I grew up knowing I was lovely, and brave, and could be anything I wanted to be, because my daddy told me so. When I sat in class learning about the Father heart of God it was so easy to understand, because I had an earthly father who set such a great example of how much Christ loves us.

I think you raised some stinkin’ awesome (super good looking) girls Dad, and I’m so proud to be yours. Oh, and thank you for my sister. She’s the best present anyone could ask for.

21 06 2009

To my Girls,

I’m overwhelmed by your beautiful hearts! Its hard for me to type this comment because everything is blurry through the tears! Tears of JOY, JOY, JOY! What wonderful, talented, gifted, kind, generous, compassionate, lovely women you have become. Its been my greatess pleasure to be your Dad…I’m so proud of you both. Don’t ever stop pursuing your dreams…NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!

I love you both!

21 06 2009
Mother Smith

Okay, well I cried through all of this!!!
So glad I’ve been part of this wonderful journey!
Looking forward to the next 25 years and beyond!

22 06 2009


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