Writing Prompt #1

12 06 2009

I found a website of writing prompts and decided to pick one. I’m tired of silly update posts and want to write something that I at least would find entertaining. The prompt was “Write a short story (100-200 words) based on the sentence “They had nothing to say to each other”.

His fingers traced the pattern of the faux-wood table. His coffee cup was empty. She had ordered tea with honey but had yet to even taste it. He wondered what she was waiting for, but didn’t want to ask and seem rude.

She shifted her weight, keeping her hands still on the table. Her tea was almost room temperature. It was an odd quirk she’d adopted when her mother, who used to do the same thing, died. Luke-warm tea would never be a hit with the masses but it made her smile.

He had finished his coffee. She flushed, embarrassed that neither of them seemed to have anything to say.

He wished he’d never let Brian set them up. He couldn’t find his wits with a greek goddess sitting so near.

She wished she’d forgotten their date. His movie-star good looks couldn’t resign her to his shyness.

The barista felt a stab of sympathy. They weren’t the first blind date she’d seen deteriorate into silence. The only difference was that these two hadn’t even started out talking. They just sat at the corner table looking at each other.

He was about to stand up and put both of them out of their misery when it happened.

A man walked into the coffee shop wearing nothing but a pair of bright purple cowboy boots. Under one arm he carried a baby Bengal tiger.

The beautiful woman and the kind-hearted man locked eyes. They’d found something to talk about.




2 responses

12 06 2009
Jennifer James

That’s hilarious. I love it. You would choose purple.

16 06 2009

lol… I need to get me some purple boots… 🙂

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