Detox is not a four letter word

2 06 2009

The latest subject on my brain is health. Our very environment (car exhaust, pollution, stress, food that barely deserves the name) is slowly poisoning us. Every little choice that we can make from choosing water over soda or walking for ten minutes instead of having an oreo will help our body fight off the ickies. 

Did you know that if your body is overloaded with toxins, your liver packages them up and sends them into your bloodstream where your body turns them into fat and STORES THEM. Your fatty tissue could be storing tiny packages of badness!

Point being, detoxing is the way to go. All you IHOPers already have built-in detoxing also known as “the fasted lifestyle”. Other things to do involve scary medical procedures or just eating high veggie-content diets or drinking juices. 

The drawbacks are things like schedule disruption and grumpiness. No big deal, the benefits outweigh the negatives. 

So go grab some green tea, fish oil and fiber and get your insides shiny clean for summer!




3 responses

3 06 2009
Jennifer James

I once lost 8 pounds in one night.


3 06 2009

EWWW.I remember that story…

13 06 2009
Jennifer James

My stomach has never been so flat.

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