Week of “huh”?

1 06 2009

I knew that change is inevitable and that life is full of transitions. Somehow in my brain, though, there was always going to be something about myself that didn’t change. I figured I would always prefer solitude to company- that it would always be ok for me to be alone. 

Not so much anymore. 

Last week my parents went down to Bethel for a conference, a trip of about ten hours. I went crazy, a trip of not more than five minutes. 

It was ok during the day. I stayed busy or slept. When about 6pm rolled around I started getting agitated. By nine I was downright upset. This has never ever happened to me before. I wasn’t scared or worried about my safety, I was lonely.


Apparently I’m not as good of company as I used to be. I blame the Carr family. After spending 6 weeks with constant company I have become crippled. Or maybe it’s that I miss having friends. A friend would have sufficed. In other news…

Had an awesome weekend in Spokane with my best friend. We had a wedding shower for her, ate good food, stayed up WAY too late and I was able to spend time with some really lovely people. The only slight hitch was that, for much of the time, it was me and three other couples. Not a huge deal, but for the first time in my life it was strange. Even with my father’s “I move through a crowd brilliantly” anointing, it was… gosh, I don’t know how to explain it. I was probably just extra tired. 

After talking for a long while with David (an ex-IHOPer and Georgian rancher) I have a newfound passion to start a ranch. Chicken’s for eating and fertilizing, cows for meat and milk and David can run the whole thing. I’ll just show up to make butter and cheese. We have decided to import some New Zealand cows. (Naturally).

I no longer do anything with my hair. Ever. 

Oh! News flash! I’m nannying for about five weeks this summer. The family sounds lovely and we are planning many trips to the park and to the zoo etc. It’ll keep me from going crazy from boredom and I’ll be able to earn some money. 

My best friend and her fiance are buying a house. When did we all grow up? Because I missed that part…

Ok I’m going to be done now since this whole post has just been babbling anyway. Babbling is better than nothing, right?




6 responses

2 06 2009

I enjoy your babbles!

2 06 2009

i HEART YOU AND YOUR babbles. My caps lock has tourettes today, sorry.

4 06 2009
Sue Girvan

well…having semi-moved in with girls i mostly don’t know in an atmosphere that mostly confuses me…i miss you and can’t wait to start our little apartment life together. Don’t get me wrong, i am embracing this season of change but i am looking forward to my own room and a space to share with you 🙂
miss you

4 06 2009
Mother Smith

The Carr’s do that…..
And I think I will miss your “babbles”, and our evening walks with the robins singing vespers….:)

4 06 2009
Mother Smith

PS That;s not really a picture of me…in case you wondered…

9 06 2009
granny the great

Well i thoroughly enjoy your “babbles’– they make perfect sense. ❤

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